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How To Prepare For A Transoceanic Voyage

Whether an expedition yacht or any other ocean-going yacht, a transoceanic voyage requires a large amount of planning before ever hitting the waters. People interested in taking a transoceanic trip need to be fully prepared, as there’s little room for error when traversing an ocean. These journeys are extremely long, requiring several days to even […]

What Do You Get With A Luxury Yacht From Bering Yachts?

The design of a boat matters for its purpose. Exploration yachts are made for traveling to remote areas of the ocean while luxury trawler yachts are made for enjoying the open seas. The yachts built by us at Bering Yachts are therefore designed to provide comfort and safety during trips across oceans. By design, our […]

Bering Yachts signed a new contract for 32-metre steel yacht

In September Bering Yachts signed a new contract for the construction of a semi-custom model-Bering 106. It is worth noting that the exteriors of this model is completely different from the rest of the Bering fleet. Like all Bering yachts, is able to cross the ocean, providing maximum safety and modern comfort with fuel efficiency. […]

Bering 77’s Arina hull and superstructure joined

Bering 77’s hull and superstructure have been successfully joined, moving one step further in the process of launching the 23,95 metre motor yacht. Project Arina is a full displacement motor yacht with clean and modern exterior lines and contemporary interiors which have been cleverly engineered and ingeniously designed by Bering’s in-house team of experts. The Bering 77 displaces […]

Find the Right Model of Yacht For Your Needs

When deciding to purchase a yacht, it’s important to be aware of the different yacht models there are. Yacht salespeople will try to sell you the flashiest, most expensive boat available, even if it doesn’t really suit your needs. It’s important to know the type of boating you plan on doing before you ever make […]

Yacht Buying Tips For Beginners

Most people that own a yacht are successful entrepreneurs looking to expand their business and opportunity. Many people will purchase a yacht that builds on their lifestyle and business. People may want to purchase a yacht but have no sort of knowledge on the subject. The global yacht industry is expected to grow to $74.77 […]

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