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Top 5 Places To Visit By Yacht

Traveling aboard a yacht is a great way to travel. Steel hull Yachts are greatly engineered yachts that make for a seaworthy vessel. Bering Yachts has a vast selection of Steel Hull Yachts. This kind of Yacht has prestigious features such as maximum strength, luxury models, and sturdiness. Traveling on a Steel hull yacht or other […]

What to Expect With A Long Expedition

Casting off for a small expedition in a yacht is one of the most fun and luxurious ways to travel. The open sea offers an adventure that is unlike any other type of travel. In a steel hull yacht, passengers will feel secure when boating on the water. They will also travel in comfort as […]

How We Engineer Steel Hull Yachts

Engineering yachts are no easy task and it should be constructed with great care. There are many factors that go into constructing the perfect yachts. They need to be made out of the best materials, handle the open sea, and engineered to be efficient below and above deck. Aside from the overall safety of the […]

Bering 80 has been launched after two months refit

Bering 80’s refit works has been successfully completed.  Bering 80 known as Veda was built at our shipyard in China in 2016. After 2 years of been traveling around the world the yacht was sold to an businessman, who highly appreciated the Bering 80 capabilities. The Bering 80 is every bit as capable as she […]

Bering 92 reveals details

  We would like to reveal some details on our new Bering 92 . This 28 metres model  is the result of close collobaration in working process between our team and client. The Bering 92 has an estimated top speed of 13 knots Bering 92 will feature an aluminium superstructure and a full displacement hull […]

Bering begins two-month refit on flagship 80 yacht

Bering 80 explorer yacht has been hauled out in Antalya to begin a two-month refit. Sold in January 2018, she will be relaunched in May for her new owner. Work will include interior restyling and an exterior repaint that will change her dark blue hull  to classic white. Bering 80 also be fitted with a new […]

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