Bering Yachts Mission Statement

To fill up people`s life with joy and pleasure by owning preeminent steel yachts, reliable and safe with all the comforts of home

To achieve this goal and deliver only the finest quality steel vessels, Bering Yachts passionately embraces these core principles:

We build yachts designed to cross any ocean comfortably and safely.

We believe that the owner/operator, rather than the vessel, should be the determining factor in where you choose to travel. Our exploration yachts embrace time-tested designs that have proven themselves in the world’s harshest conditions. When you own a Bering yacht, you have peace of mind in knowing that you can literally travel to any destination of your choosing, and your vessel will ensure you arrive at your destination in comfort and safety.

IMG_1508                                                                                              Bering 80 Veda

Vessels whose displacement is heavy for their size are simply more stable and comfortable, under way and at anchor, and this important consideration should be part of any comparison of brands and designs. When designing an offshore vessel that may encounter the worst Mother Nature can offer up, heavy displacement vessels, with low centers of gravity like those built by Bering, provide a more pleasant and subdued motion. This more inherently stable design also offers a larger margin of safety.

Bering utilizes 3D modelling and design, relying on the latest and most powerful computerized yacht design software. Our in-house engineers, well-educated with requisite credentials, represent the next generation of yacht design professionals. They are innovative and creative problem solvers, who are not bound by convention, yet they recognize the importance of tradition and conservative construction practices.

X Bering 77 CFD Bottom View

                                                                         Bering 77′ CFD Pressure Coefficient Bottom View

Our boat building techniques are rooted in the world of commercial shipbuilding. Steel construction allows us to offer a unique hull design with a bulbous bow entry, hard chines, and twin skeg gondolas for engines, offering enhanced efficiency. We install all of our fuel, holding and water tanks below the waterline and use concrete and steel ballast, ensuring, once again, a low center of gravity, evidenced by, among other things, the low profile wake produced by our vessels.

Serviceability, access for inspection and maintenance, along with the installation of well-engineered systems, complement our efficient design. Additionally, steel construction affords our customers a virtually unlimited design pallet, unrestricted by molds used in fiberglass construction. Changes in steel designs are often completed with computer key strokes rather than with hand tools.

Four lines are available:

      • Bering Expedition Yachts
        Our Expedition yachts — The Bering 50, Bering 55, Bering 65, Bering 77, Bering 80, Bering 95, Bering 115 and Bering 130 all share the same rugged hull form, are built for power, safety and comfort. Each vessel remains stable, even in the roughest seas.
      • Bering Explorer
        The Explorer series combines all of the sea-keeping abilities of the Expedition series while bringing a modern, contemporary look and feel to the design. The series includes the Bering 60, Bering 70, Bering 75, Bering 92 and Bering 106.

The Expedition, Exploration and Voyager series full displacement models share the same hull form with a hard-chined hull and bulbous bow entry, similar to that which is used in commercial fleets. This hull form reduces roll, pitching and enhances vessel stability.


                                                                                            Bering 65’s rugged steel hull

Bering bottom plates utilize 3/8-inch-(9.5 mm) -thick Lloyds certified AH-36, laser-cut, sandblasted, and epoxy-coated steel, while hull sides employ 1/4-inch—(6.4 mm) thick steel of the same alloy. Combined with the internal support structure, this provides for a virtually indestructible hull isolated and compartmentalized by watertight steel bulkheads. Integral tanks are an important aspect of the hull design; acting as a “double bottom,” providing watertight integrity in the unlikely event an outer hull plate is pierced.
A tapered, vertically-oriented bulbous bow helps reduce pitching in heavy seas, resulting in a “slicing capability” that ensures a comfortable motion in a seaway, with the forward watertight bulkhead acting as a secure, independent forward collision compartment.

The two substantial skeg gondolas provide natural stability, reduce roll, and increase directional stability while protecting the running gear. The skegs are both wide and curved, providing efficient laminar flow, while allowing engines to be placed lower in the hull, reducing the vessel’s center of gravity, and further increasing stability. Gondolas protect propellers and rudders, and enable the hull to remain upright if beached.

We use the finest components to build our yachts

While our customers may be described as recreational users, our vessels exceed common pleasure craft standards. Your safety is our priority; therefore, each Bering is outfitted with the highest quality yacht-grade systems and components. Much of the equipment and components installed aboard Bering Yachts is produced by leading U.S., European, Australian and New Zealand manufacturers, and many of our vessel systems incorporate redundant designs.

01_Bering 80-004_EXTERIOR_FB_DSC0120

                                                                                                            Bering 80 Veda

Your comfort and enjoyment at sea are greatly enhanced by a quiet, vibration-free environment which reduces fatigue and improves alertness. To ensure the lowest possible noise and vibration levels, Bering utilizes the latest acoustic technology and components, including the Seatorque roller bearing shaft system.
In order to maintain the highest possible reliability and seaworthiness, Bering designs feature twin propulsion engines, dual generators, inverters and redundant steering capability, while hydraulic systems include dual windlasses and robust proportional control bow and stern thrusters. We also recommend duplication of key navigation and communication electronics, as well as a back-up power supply for these systems.
Berings destined for European delivery are built to comply with CE requirements. Berings can also be ordered to meet several society classifications, including ABS, Lloyds, RINA and others.

Our Approach is Semi-Custom

The ultimate result of Bering Yacht’s vision and overall commitment to excellence is our incomparable line of yachts. Bering utilizes a semi-custom approach, which allows all of our yachts to be tailored to suit your specific requirements. Bering Yachts encourages your participation in equipment selection and layout decisions, and will collaborate with you to optimize your vessel to realize your cruising goals. With this partnership approach, you will be afforded a thorough understanding of your vessel’s design, systems and capabilities. Furthermore, Bering encourages vessel owners to visit our yard facilities before and during construction, enabling you to develop a relationship with our design and construction staff.

Bering Yachts - Interior Design - Semi custom steel yacht builders

MASTER03 Bering 65 - Interior mockup - Masterstateroom

                                                                               Bering 65 master stateroom rendering and mock-up

Customization options include standard and custom polyurethane paint colors for cabin and hull, choice of deck materials and a wide range of wood types, fabrics, flooring and counter-top materials for interior spaces.

The planning of your Bering design involves many decisions that collectively guides us to build the ideal vessel for your adventures. Your cabin layout and all interior accommodations are discussed in detail before the build process begins, and the selection of systems; plumbing, hydraulic and electrical (for example, 50 Hz vs. 60 Hz, or the capability of using both) are reviewed with you and our engineers and systems specialists as well. Based on your future cruising itinerary, we help ensure that your Bering incorporates the proper equipment to safely cruise in multiple locations, and most importantly, to offer unequaled seakeeping in even the most extreme conditions.

Bering’s hull design, which includes below the waterline tankage and skeg/gondola, and deep mounted engines, reduces the center of gravity, which creates an especially stable motion that many feel doesn’t require supplementary stabilization.

Bering 65 - hull #3 (4)

                                                                                 Bering 65 hull #3 under construction

For those who wish to maximize stabilization, we offer active ABT TRAC active fins, with optional STAR (Stabilization At Rest) stabilizers, or the Seakeeper active gyro, both of which reduce rolling, making any voyage or anchorage more pleasurable.

When you first see our yachts, you’ll immediately notice that they are striking and offer the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. Additionally, because of our superior design and construction approach, our yachts are supremely capable, seaworthy, and comfortable passage makers that provide the highest levels of safety, which has traditionally only been available to commercial vessels.


Your first impression of a Bering Yacht will be lasting; these vessels exude character. Their appearance alone tells the story that they are both rugged and capable. We are proud to offer a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. We build our vessels to last, and our warranty reflects that commitment.

Bering Yachts is committed to becoming the undisputed leader of a new calibre of vessel; recreational, semi-custom steel vessels providing an unequaled level of luxury and capability. For us, building yachts for our customers is a true passion. We love what we do, and put that dedication, passion and commitment to quality into the relationships we build with our customers, as well as into each and every Bering we build.


                                                                                                         Bering 80 Veda


  • B 65
  • B 70
  • B 72
  • B 77
  • B 80
  • B 85
  • B 92
  • B 95
  • B CAT 32
  • B 106
  • B 117
  • B 130
  • B 145