Construction Approach

What you really need to feel during a long transoceanic passage is the safety of the boat you’re belong to. As far as a yacht turns into your home at sea that’s crucially prohibited to feel naked when facing the power of the oceans. That is why we design and construct our semi-custom yachts in such a way that you could feel totally safe in the middle of the ocean.

The Bering’s company exclusive design and construction approach originates from Norwegian marine industry and fishing trawlers, built to highly-regarded Scandinavian naval architectural standards and are therefore able to withstand severe storms and icy conditions.

Such a level of quality is assured thanks to the use of Lloyd’s-certified AH36 marine-grade structural steel. It is extremely strong, abrasion resistant and easily repairable. Apart from that steel-built yachts offer a tremendous level of customization: unlike other yachts, they achieve their requisite rigidity and strength throughout the hull, which allows us to modify the floor plan in any way possible.

When looking inside the hull, you see that Bering Yachts uses only rugged commercial-grade equipment and fittings. We typically install Cummins Marine diesel engines due to their longstanding track record for dependability and performance, as well as their unequaled international service network. As well-experienced naval builders we often use Seatorque shafts, one of the quietest and most vibration-free running gear systems available. On a Bering Yacht, it is quiet enough to hear the water passing by the hull rather than the sound of machinery.

Finally, not only the material we use for the boat structure, and not only the equipment we fill the yacht with, but also the way we manufacture our products at our shipyard is what matters: we employ highly educated craftsmen and experienced shipwrights who have honed their skills building commercial ships of all sizes. Both superyachts and our boats under 24 meters length are built with the same approach and technique — so that they provide a pleasant and reassuring travel experience in any sea state.