Travelling on a yacht changes your perception of time: though you keep going, the movement itself becomes your life, not the destination. Although while on a boat you are one-on-one with the world, almost totally naked to nature, you still are under protection of a reliable steel vessel. We believe that a yacht pushes boundaries, because steel is the best material to interact with nature, and advanced technologies let you manage reality and control the limits that you can decide to overcome.

The modern world has limited us in many aspects already. We rarely spend enough time on our own, constantly reacting to the environment around us. In this case a yacht is a perfect ambience to live through and to gain a deeper understanding of family values.

The pandemic months have made it more complicated to travel: one can hardly fly off to Shanghai, for example. However, the boat allows you to reach the places you wanted without being restricted in your movement even in such hard times as ours.

Digitalization has affected almost every person in the world. Constant flow of information distracts our attention every time we reach for a cell phone. On board a yacht you can make your choice and either enjoy the luxury of digital detox or pick who to stay in touch with.

Thus, a yacht allows you to choose who to be with, where to go to and to keep connected or not. In such a way the value of travelling by boat has increased immensely — and we are here to offer that to you.

Thanks to the Bering Yachts brand fundamental values and expertise in naval architecture and design as we provide our clients with reliability, autonomy, safety, and comfort. Bering Yachts company creates an exсeptional product that gives true emotions and new capabilities to their owners, building а space-ship with freedom of time perception while travelling in the open on your customised steel superyachts.