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Meet the team: interview with Head of Designers Department — Unzile Acar

The process of building your own yacht is an absolute pleasure. People enjoy the process of building one almost as much as they enjoy owning one. By being involved in the process of yacht building, you as the client get to aid in its design. One of the most important parts of your yacht will be the interior design. Which is where you might want to pay attention to the most.

We talked with the Head of Interior Design of Bering Shipyard who helps to convert the ideas of the clients into the luxury yachts apartments – Unzile Açar.

Unzile, how long have you been involved in interior design at Bering Shipyard?
I [have been with] Bering for more than 6 years already. Previously I was involved in Hotel and Villas design. I should mention that these are quite different fields of work.

What are the first steps of the process of creating the interiors of the ship?
After the final negotiations of GA, the process of developing mood board begins. We send to the client the possible versions of the interiors so that it would be easier for them to make up their mind. Sometimes the clients have the finished idea of all designs and we have to apply the client`s desires to the individual yacht details.
What are the limits for the boldest ideas of clients?
The special thing of Bering is our desire to give the client the absolute freedom in expressing their wishes. All our restrictions start only when there is no technical possibility to do some things. It is important to understand that all furniture on board is fixed, the aisles should be left empty and for some details, the places are strictly determined. We are always ready to give some advice and explain the details. Our main mission is to make the client`s desires absolutely functional and comfort and to satisfy the client with the result.

How long can it take to negotiate all the details with the client?
It depends on each case, sometimes it can take 2 weeks and sometimes the process lasts for a few months.

The process of drawing preparations to the furniture production is done by Bering Shipyard itself, correct?
Yes we do it all by ourselves. After we agree on the interior designs we prepare detailed drawings for furniture production of our furniture department. We are planning now to have the resources to be able to take orders for furniture production even if we don`t build the yacht for a certain client in our shipyard. In the present moment, quite a few shipyards can give such freedom in interior designing like Bering. You will especially see strong restrictions in the yacht range of 15 to 50 meters. You will usually have the production solutions in this size range and can hardly change anything. Bering is ready to work individually with the client  in all aspects of building despite the yacht range.

Can you point out some main clients desires that are similar for everyone?
The most important thing for everyone now is the feeling of being at home when on board. The interiors should be comfortable and be as close to the style of a home as much as possible. We walk away further and further from the rough ship designs that used to be famous some time ago. Almost everyone now would like to have the light, calm colors in the interior, some luxury details but still have comfort and coziness as the main features. We usually use some chrome elements for an elegant look but not too much so that we’re not crossing the line into becoming cold and lifeless.What kind of materials do you use?
We buy the best materials from Italy, Spain and Netherlands. All materials should have special IMO certificate, be fire-resistant, and durable. And we let the clients choose from various options.

Where do you get your inspiration for the ideas and offers of the clients?
Everywhere. Mostly these are various exhibitions. I visit not only special yachts exhibitions but separate furniture and interior design exhibitions. And then I just apply the trends to the yachting industry.

Can you name some modern trends in yachting interiors?
It becomes more and more futuristic nowadays. Comfort is still first place but some cosmic elements appear here and there more and more. It is also very important that the exterior and interior of the yacht match together.

Do the clients desires vary a lot depending on which country the client came from?
I can`t point out the special influence of the country in such things. It is more likely the common ideas in contemporary and famous interiors of the present moment. I mean if the client would like to have something special it is due to some marine traditions rather than to a certain country’s conditions. The only thing that I want to mention is that for some reason clients from Russia usually know exactly what they want and the process of negotiations takes less time.

What would you say is the main and the most important thing in your field of work?
Our main purpose is to make our client happy and satisfied with the result. It happens when the result meets the expectations of the client in all details. It is hard for us as we usually agree to change some final things in the process but the result should be perfect for both sides.