Bering 70-006



Short Specifications


The vessel is currently in construction phase at our shipyard in Antalya, Turkey. The hull is 100% completed. This vessel  was build with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.

B70 can be completed and ready to cruise in approximately 9 months.

The quoted price includes the total completion of the boat. Since the vessel is still in construction phase (30% completed), you will be able to choose all interior details: flooring, upholstery, tile, as well as exterior finishes: type of davit, passarelle, top coat color, all included in the price mentioned above.

The Bering 70 is the debut model for Bering’s Yachtship series.  Like all of Bering’s models she has been designed from the keel up to be a superb oceanic travel and ideal for extensive coastal cruising.  Her hull shape and profile let you easily recognize that the Bering 70 is an atypical motoryacht that is incredibly stylish. A reverse-raked bow is seldom seen in yacht designs of this size. The absence of a large overhanging bow means that there is less reserve buoyancy to create lift when making contact with an approaching wave. This in turn leads to the hull “slicing” through waves as opposed to riding up and over, thereby dampening pitch at sea. The end result, a smoother ride for everyone on board.


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