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Meet the team: CEO Alexey Mikhailov interiew

Alexey Mikhailov the President of the Bering Yachts told us about the unique steel expedition yachts that are being built on the Bering Shipyard.

Alexey, the Bering Yachts is an international company – the Headquaters is in USA, the owners are from Russia and the shipyard is in Turkey. How it happened that way? My friend Alexander Obidin and I launched Bering Yachts in 2007. Earlier we converted a 136-foot commercial steel vessel into a luxury yacht in the eastern Russian port city of Magadan, on the Sea of Okhotsk and our way in this industry has begun. We build the reliable modern steel yachts inspired by the design of modern steel North Sea commercial ships. We build to highly regarded Scandinavian naval architectural standards that are very demanding. The headquarter is in USA and the top-rated equipment, parts and materials are delivered right from the USA. The shipyard as it was said before is in Turkey and people here know how to build a perfect and modern vessel. These location provides the right combination of local marine industry expertise and favorable labor rates, which in turn allows Bering to provide the highest quality product at a competitive price. There are many famous shipyards that are placed in Turkey, for example the Holland brand Damen. The good climate of the south of Turkey allows us to speed up the process of building and meet the expectations of the customers in time.

The Bering brand – what is it for you? It is a serious business now that came from a passion and still remains a hobby in some way. I am lucky to have it this way. Also it is a great responsibility: the mistakes in construction and performance of the boat can cause a serious discomfort of the owner. People mention that Bering 65 is more comfortable than some boats over 100 feet length. I work 24 hours a day and I absolutely don`t want a vacation or day off. I think I have some kind of obsession.

How do you see the future of the company? We will develop the company and will keep building the steel expedition yachts semi-custom category. The experienced people have been always attracted by the comfortable and safety yachts with a strong hull and reliable systems. And the exterior is a matter of taste.

How many employees are in the staff at the present moment? About 80 people from Turkey, Russia and other countries. We have an international team. The design, engineering and interiors – all we do is in house. But if the client would like to have his own designer – no problem, we are ready to work like that. But we haven`t met such requests yet as we are ready to provide the high quality services that will satisfy the clients needs.

How many yachts have you built? About 9 yachts from 55 to 85 feet. Our flagship at the present moment is Bering 80 with the hull of 24 meters. It was launched in 2016. Then the owner sold it and we performed the refit of the yacht in 2018 according to the desire of the new owner.

Where are now all these yachts? They are spread all over the world – the far East, Argentina, USA, Mediterranean sea, Australia.

How many projects are under construction now on the shipyard? Five. Bering 70, bering 73, bering 77, bering 92 and bering 106. The last four of these are absolutely new models. Bering 77 will be launched this year. The others are going to be ready in 2020. Two of these will be in USA and the others for Mediterranean sea and Adriatic coast. The one will be in Asia further.

How much time do you need to build a yacht? If we have already this model constructed the work will take 10-12 months. Like Bering 65 for example. If it is a new model and we construct it from the beginning then it will take about 2 years.

What exactly do the clients realize after the first test drive? The first impression is that our boats are almost noiseless compares to the others. You can even miss the moment when the yacht starts to move because you can`t hear the engines. Bering has a powerful construction. To compare with the other manufactures, in Italy or Holland, Bering has a displacement at 40-60% more! And for example let`s take Bering 80 which displacement is 225 tons and the volume is 222 gross-tons. Just imagine the size of this boat! We have the prismatic coefficient of 20-30% higher than our competitors do.

You mentioned that the owner of Bering feels himself like on superyacht? Yes, exactly. When you are on Bering 80, you feel yourself in every space as if you were on 110-120 feet yacht. Bering 65 has displacement over 235,000 pounds (106 tons) and with 4,500 gallons (17,000 liters) of fuel you can easily cruise 4,500 nautical miles burning a combined 8 gallons (30 liters) an hour at 8  knots. We almost don’t have a competitors in this class because the other boats are JRP and can`t cross such distances. They all have weak pumps, small fuel tanks, and common equipment. You`d better keep yourself away from Island region on such yacht. And Bering yacht can easily get you to this region. We build our boats ready for the tough conditions.

How could you get such results? Design? Our initial desire was to build a comfort yacht.  We don`t start from the design. We start our projects not from the picture and exterior but from the functionality: the certain number of cabins, cruising range, fuel capacity, propulsion. Then we follow the sizes and the class belonging.

Do Bering Yachts require a special climate conditions? All our boats are perfect for any weather. The variety of temperature can be 0 to 35 degrees for water and -30 to + 40 for air. We have a perfect isolation, powerful air conditioning system, have serious researches for preventing the condensate, and use the system of water heating and many other special things.