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Alexei Mikhailov and Alexander Obidin launched Bering Yachts in 2007. Longtime friends, they’d partnered on projects as far back as 1990, when they converted a 136-foot commercial steel vessel into a luxury yacht in the eastern Russian port city of Magadan, on the Sea of Okhotsk. In 2001, Alexander started his own shipyard in the famed Volga River region of Russia; meanwhile, Alexei owned a commercial fishing company with a fleet of five trawlers.

After nearly 20 years of dreaming about owning and running their own boat-building company, in 2007 the two friends reunited and turned their dream into a reality.

They took their design cues from modern steel North Sea commercial ships, which are built to highly regarded Scandinavian naval architectural standards. Those vessels set the bar that Alexei and Alexander met in their mission of creating uniquely rugged and reliable long-range trawlers.

Today, the Bering Yachts line ranges in size from 50 to 130 feet and is offered in two lines: Expedition and Explorer. Some models are capable of crossing any ocean with a shorthanded crew of two. Indeed, Bering Yachts prides itself on designing, engineering, and building yachts that can go anywhere and do anything without a large crew or complicated systems.

history-pic-1                                                             The 136-foot commercial steel vessel converted into a luxury yacht 

To successfully execute these goals, the company employs an international team of elite marine professionals who’ve been furnished with top-rated equipment, parts and materials from the United States, where our headquarters is based.

Our professionals include an Australian designer and a Russian-based naval architect. Our in-house engineering team directly oversees all construction standards and material specifications, ensuring that each yacht exceeds operating requirements.

Expertise converges at our state-of-the-art shipyard in Antalya, Turkey , where we manage all aspects of the build process, from engineering and design to purchasing, production, and quality control. These locations provide the right combination of local marine industry expertise and favorable labor rates, which in turn allows Bering to provide the highest quality product at a competitive price.



Bering Naval Yachts - Yard

                                                                                    Bering Yachts’ shipyard in Antalya, Turkey

The culmination of the partners’ vision, combined with expertise, materials, and overall commitment to excellence, is an unparalleled line of yachts. We utilize a unique, semi-custom construction method that allows the most important participants in this process — our clients — to have significant input into the designing and equipping of their future yacht. Our experts will guide and assist you in customizing your vessel to match your exact needs.

While rugged and invincible, our yachts are also striking to behold and offer the highest levels of luxury. Not only do these vessels evoke a superior design and construction approach, they are bold, seaworthy, and comfortable passage-makers that provide the highest level of safety traditionally associated with commercial vessels.

As part of each construction project, Bering also proudly offers a comprehensive manufacturer warranty. Our trawlers are built to last and our warranty reflects that commitment.


Simply put, Bering Yachts is dedicated to becoming the undisputed leader in the creation of a new caliber of vessel: recreational, semi-custom steel trawlers that provide the maximum in luxury and go-anywhere, do-anything durability. For us, building these boats is a passion, a commitment we believe in to our core. We love what we do and put that dedication into each and every project.

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