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Meet the team: Unzile Acar

Bering Yachts: Unzile, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background (studies, hobbies, previous work experience) and current role in the company.

— I’ve discovered my passion for drawing from a very early age and I’ve decided to take art education as a child in both primary and high school. After graduating from Marmara’s Industrial Design department university in Istanbul, I’ve worked in different fields such as interior designer for malls and hotels and custom furniture production.  I’ve developed my passion for luxury yacht interiors after completing an internship in 2010 in a well known shipyard, and have been working in the yachting sector ever since. 

Bering Yachts: What do you specialize in?

— Mostly yacht interior design but also I have as a side project my own which includes furniture and lighting collections.

Bering Yachts:  Can you describe how does a regular day at work pass by ?

— I come at the office at 8 in the morning and after checking my e-mails I usually go to the shipyard and inspect the boats under construction. Most of the time is spent on the boat along with the masters checking, and if necessary, correcting all hand-crafted details. For the rest of the time I draw concept designs for all staterooms according to the client’s style and requirements. My schedule is flexible, and I tend to draw at night when creativity kicks in.

Bering Yachts:  What do you enjoy most about working at Bering ?

— I like working here because I enjoy the international team and clientele.

I have been working on different projects in my current position as a senior interior designer in Bering, and the thing I like the most is creating designs that reflect the customer’s personality and style to the fullest. I like to get the client motivated and excited about an upcoming project by throwing out potential ideas for the interior layout and expressing my excitement of how amazing the final product will be when completed.

My main purpose as a senior interior designer is to create a distinctive and quintessential Bering interior style. Although the company is already known for their sturdy, rugged exteriors and over-engineered systems, their interiors are not quite recognizable, yet, so I’m working towards completing this goal.

Bering Yachts:  What’s you favorite Bering yacht and why?

— Bering 77 is my first and favorite project. Although the boat was not completed yet, I’ve sketched and drawn the interiors from the beginning. I also like this project because it reflects my personal style.

For the concept design I’ve used American oak varnish combined with white lacquered surfaces and Olive Pearl marble for the heads.

I also like the newest Bering 70 project, mainly because the interiors also reflect my own personality and design style. I’ve developed the concept for the boat which is already under construction and due to be completed in 2018.

I’ve chosen maple varnished furniture (at owner’s request), combined with gray lacquered wood and high qualitative fabrics for the walls and ceilings which will give the boat a very modern and clean outlook.

This vessel is designed with the Mediterranean style in mind and features a light, minimalist interior which will resemble a beach house design.

I can’t wait to see her completed!