Bering 65

The Bering 65 is a rugged and classical looking steel yacht capable of any ocean crossing.  She is quite, strong and leaves a graceful wake underway.  Her displacement is over 235,000 pounds (106 tons) and with 4,500 gallons (17,000 liters) of fuel you can easily cruise for thousands of miles burning a combined 8 gallons (30 […]

Bering 72

General Bering72 presents advanced development of the very successful Bering65 model of which three hulls were built. While creating Bering72 the Bering Yachts’ in-house design team has collected feedback from the owners and captains of the 65 model after the boats navigated more than 100000 miles in different climate and sea conditions. Bering72 retained distinctive trawler’s lines […]

Bering 77

The Bering 77 is a very athletic and graceful long range motor yacht. Relying on the experience and lessons learned from all previous models the Bering 77 has one on-deck departure. The Bering 77 displaces 364,000 pounds (165 tons) and shares the bulbous bow, hard chined hull sides and twin gondola skeg underbody of her sister […]

Bering 80

Bering80 General description What can be better for a far journey than tried and tested vessel? The trawler styled Bering80 is one of the models that were offered by Bering Yachts from the very start of the company. Bering80 is all about the journey. Starting with her classic trawler appearance and duplicated control systems she […]

Bering 95

The Bering 95 is striking with her bold and powerful lines and has been designed to be a superb transoceanic yacht. Her tall bow profile provides the requisite  buoyancy to rise up and over approaching swells. Her “expeditionary” profile is due to her tall bow, as well as the Portuguese bridge and pilothouse, features that contribute […]

Bering 130

  Bering Yachts proudly announces the Bering 130 (40 meters) as its newest Expedition Series model and flagship of the Bering fleet. Striking with her bold and powerful lines, she has been developed in association with Sabdes Design to be a superb transoceanic yacht, ready to take on the heaviest of seas with grace and […]

Bering 145

The Bering 145, a 45-meter superyacht, is the new flagship of the Bering Yachts fleet. This transoceanic model, which combines elegance, speed, and the latest technology, will be ready for delivery in two years. Bering 145, the first superyacht in the Bering fleet, is fully customized. Designed by an in-house team of naval architects and […]

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