Bering 70

The Bering 70 is the debut model for Bering’s Coastal series. She has been designed from the keel up to be the ideal vessel for extensive coastal cruising due to her shallow draft.  Her hull shape and profile let you easily recognize that the Bering 70 is an atypical motoryacht that is incredibly stylish. A reverse-raked bow is […]

Bering 85

Bering85 General description Although the inspiration for Bering85 derived from Bering75, very few details of that boat were left unattended. Indeed, Bering85 is a completely new and very special vessel in Bering Yachts’ family of yachts. Simply put this is too much of a boat for her size and model name. And here’s why. Design […]

Bering 92 Custom

Bering 92 General description As the lines of the future Bering92 model emerged at the drawing tables it was clear that the new chapter for Bering Yachts has begun. So dazzling was the design and so surprisingly straightforward that it wasn’t obvious why this boat has never been conceived before? But as the common wisdom […]

Bering Catamaran

Bering Cat 32 General description In search for something extraordinary Bering Cat 32 might be the best solution. Indeed, there are not many aluminum-built explorer catamarans on the market. To the contrary, Bering Cat 32 creates a new niche and is true head turner for her unorthodox sporty appearance. But what will catch the owner […]

Bering 106

Bering 106 is the new model which combines all technical solutions inherent in the Bering brand – steel full displacement hull, aluminum superstructure, impressive volumes of interior space, exceptional seaworthiness and high performance. At the same time, the Bering 106 is distinguished by modern elegant stylistic solutions of the exterior design, which, in combination with […]

Bering 117

Bering117 The new Bering117 steel-hulled explorer is very profound development of the Bering106 model with completely new approach toward satisfying the owner’s needs and comfort. The vessel was completely reconfigured to comply with the IMO Tier III regulations and to enhance the owner’s cruising experience. Design Several peculiar Bering family features are immediately distinguished in […]

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