Bering 92 Custom

The custom steel-hulled Bering 92 is the new flagship in the Bering Line which is built at the same high standards as the yard’s other lines, but with a lightweight aluminum superstructure. The profile is more contemporary than the rest of the Bering line.
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Brief Specifications
  • Length Overall (LOA)
    29.08 m
  • Length Waterline (LWL)
    25.37 m
  • Beam Overall
    6.74 m
  • Draft (with full fuel load)
    1.70 m
  • Displacement Full Load
    210 metric tons
  • Fuel Capacity
    21,000 L
  • Cruise Speed
    9 knots
  • Maximum Speed
    12 knots
  • Range
    3,500+ nautical miles
Full Specifications
  • Length Overall (LOA)
    29.08 m
  • Length Waterline (LWL)
    25.37 m
  • Beam Overall
    6.74 m
  • Draft (with full fuel load)
    1.70 m
  • Displacement Full Load
    210 metric tons
  • Fuel Capacity
    21,000 L
  • Cruise Speed
    9 knots
  • Maximum Speed
    12 knots
  • Range
    3,500+ nautical miles


  • Hull constructed using marine grade steel  AH-36. Bottom plates and integrated tanks and hull sides – 6 mm. Superstructure – 6-10 мм made of marine grade aluminum 5083
  • The hull is divided by four watertight bulkheads creating five compartments
  • Flybridge arch, roof, and mast are made of aluminum
  • The furniture on the flybridge, upper deck, bow deck and cockpit are made of fiberglass
  • The hull below waterline is covered with three layers of black antifouling paint
  • Hull above the waterline, deck and superstructure putty
  • Yacht quality fairing above the waterline with paint finish
  • All bulkheads are reinforced steel construction, with sound and heat insulation per Bering Yachts drawings
  • All the interior steel surfaces of the vessel are treated with epoxy primer after thorough surface preparation
  • Appropriate zinc plates installed for galvanic protection


  • Two Cummins QSM–11 455HP 1200 BHP @ 2100 rpm, raw water, heat exchanger cooled with wet exhaust. 24V electrical.Combined total power of 910 HP.  Electronic engine controls in the pilot house
  • Main engines installed on soft engine mounts with weight adjusters
  • (2) W350 Marine transmissions
  • (2) ST-300 shafts
  • (2) 5-blade propellers
  • (2)  Sea water intake with strainers for engines
  • GP-3014-24 2 valves 24V oil change system for engines
  • GP-3012-24 2 valves 24V oil change system for gear boxes
  • 260 gal (985 L) tank for “NEW” oil
  • 400 gal (1,515 L) tank for “used” oil and oily waste
  • (2) Vertical combo-sep mufflers with exhaust mixers. Exhaust outlets on port and starboard sides of the hull

Steering system

  • (2) 1,2 sq.m air foil steel rudders with 3″ diameter steel rudder stock mounted on rudder shoe bearings. Rudder posts in lazarette above waterline and attach to bronze rudder arms
  • Zinc anodes on rudders to ensure galvanic corrosion protection

Mooring system

  • Two N 150Kg stainless steel anchors.  Fitted using 316 stainless steel pockets – port and starboard
  • Divided chain locker with fresh water flush system, drains overboard
  • 125 m of 14 mm zinc coated anchor chain per side. Rated for high working loads
  • 316 polished stainless steel bow protection plate
  • (2) Hydraulic winches with on deck foot switches.  Dual chain stoppers with tensioners. Stainless steel, grooved bow rollers
  • (2) Hydraulic thrusters – bow and stern.
  • (3) heavy duty bollards installed on bow. (4) heavy duty bollards mounted on the aft deck. Two stainless steel hawse pipes with horn cleats mounted amidship port and starboard.  All mooring components are polished stainless steel with chafe guards
  • (2) 1,000W 24V electric rope capstans mounted in cockpit

Electrical system

  • A. Main features
  • Entire AC and DC electrical system designed and installed in compliance with BV electrical standards
  • 50 Hz 220V  AC power standard.
  • 24V DC power standard
  • Primary distribution 220V AC and 24 V DC electrical panels, inverters, battery chargers, batteries and battery management panels are located in the engine room
  • Secondary 220V AC, 24V DC and 12V DC panels are located in the pilot house
  • All wires are labeled at each end
  • All wire connections are properly insulated
  • All electrical hardware is bonded to the hull
  • Dedicated circuit breaker for each circuit
  • B. Power Source
  • (3) Generators, 230 V, 50Hz, generators enclosed in soundsheilds installed in engine room. Wet exhaust muffler with exhaust separator
  •  Sea water intake with strainers for generators.
  • Both generators have digital display controls in pilothouse.
  • Both generators have automatic safety shutdowns with fault indicators.
  • (2) 1000 fuel filters with 30 micron elements.
  • (2) 63 Amp 24VDC shore cord managers.
  • (2) 63 Amp 230V 30 meters shore power cords.
  • (2) 63 Amp shore power breaker boxes.
  • (2) marine isolation transformers 15KWA/230V/50-60Hz.
  • (18) 220AH AGM batteries, deep cycle, 12 VDC. Total capacity is 3,960 Amp Hours.
  • All starter batteries charged by (2) engine (60 Amps each) and (3) generator driven alternators (25 Amps each).
  • charger 12V 30A for charging electronics backup batteries.
  • 24/12-25A DC-DC converter for electronics.
  • Three 24V 100A charger (90-265VAC/45-65Hz) for charging starting battery and house bank from generator or shore power.
  • Three  5000VA (24V) inverters.
  • Two  220 Amp, deep cycle, 12 VDC batteries for the engines start with crossover switch. Connected in series for 24 VDC.
  • Two  220 Amp, deep cycle, 12 VDC batteries for the generator(s) start with crossover switch. Connected in series for 24 VDC.
  • Twelve 220 Amp, deep cycle, 12 VDC batteries for house system.
  • Battery cutoff switches located in the storage room.
  • Two  220 Amp, deep cycle, 12 VDC batteries for nav/com electronics.
  • Batteries in pilot house installed in plastic box.

c. Lighting system and power outlets

  • All interior lights are 24VDC LED.
  • Exterior lights (LED and Halogen) are waterproof to IP-67 (IP-65) standard.
  • 220V AC fluorescent and 24V DC LED lights in engine room.

d. Controls and alarms

  • boat monitoring system with extended functions:
    a. sending text messages about the condition of the boat
    b. monitoring the voltage, current and temperature of the battery bank
    c. monitoring voltage and current when connected to shore power
    d. sensors and alarm high water levels in all boat holds
    e. fuel consumption sensors on fuel transfer and cleaning systems
    f. sensors and equipment to control access to the boat: in the salon, master room and pilot house – voluminous, on the transom door to the infirmary – sensors for opening.
  • Flybridge control station with dash console comprises efficient layout of the vessel electronics and machinery controls.
  • generator digital LCD displays mounted in the pilothouse dash with start/stop buttons.
  • twin engine throttle control located in the pilothouse and on the flybridge.
  • Two Cummins engine 7″ color monitors mounted on pilothouse dash and Cummins engine 7″ color monitor mounted on the flybridge’s dash.
  • fuel filters have pressure gauges and water alarm.
  • proportional control of thrusters in the pilothouse and on the flybridge.
  • stabilizer’s control in the pilothouse.
  • Bilge pump system display panel install in the pilot house.
  • All electric bilge pumps have manual/auto rocker switches.
  • windshield wipers control in the pilothouse.
  • windshield wash-down control in the pilothouse.
  • Switch and remote control of search light in the pilothouse and on the flybridge.
  • switch of dual trumpet marine horn in the pilothouse and on the flybridge.
  • water level sensor for fresh water tank and visual water gauge on fresh water tank.
  • water level sensors for gray and black water tank.
  • Central smoke alarm system.
  • engine room fire alarm and fire extinguishing system.

Fire alarm and safety system

  • Smoke alarm system.
  • Smoke/Heat Detector in each room.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector in each room on lower deck and engine room.
  • Automatic deployment fire suppression canister in the engine room.
  • Remote control pull handle for manual deployment  system in engine room from cockpit.
  • System includes automatic shut off for engines, generators and vent fans.

Bilge pump system

  • Fourteen  2,200 gallon/hour bilge pumps.
  • Each bilge has an automatic high water alarm bilge pump switch installed.
  • Bilge pump system display panel with “ON” indicators with bilge pump and high water sensors audible alarms.
  • Integrated tank into the hull of bilge water engine room / waste oil for 750 liters.
  • Electric self-priming centrifugal emergency bilge/fire pump.

Fuel system

  • (6) Main fuel tanks. Total 21,400 litters capacity.
  • (1) “Day Tank” fuel tank. Capacity 1.600 liters.
  • 1″ ventilation hoses of each tank.
  • Fuel tank’s level system by NMEA 2000. Visual fuel gauges on four main tanks and on two day tanks.
  • MA-6 fuel intake manifold with 1/2″ fuel hoses.
  • MA-6 fuel outflow manifold with 1/2″ fuel hoses.
  • MA-4 aluminum fuel feed manifold with 1/2″ valves and fuel hoses to each engine and generator.
  • Fuel polishing and transfer system – 210 GPH, Series – ‘S’ Class, marine version, 7 day digital timer, with fuel conditioner.
  • Auxiliary fuel transfer pump 24 VDC.
  • Central fueling station with stainless steel pipe connections and 1-1/2″ steel pipes to four main tanks.
  • Day tanks provide fuel feed for two engines and generators.
  • Cummins engines equipped with  75/1000 dual filter/separators using 30 micron filter elements and including vacuum pressure gauges.
  • Generator equipped with 1000 fuel filter/separator using 30 micron filter element and including vacuum pressure gauge.

Fresh water system

  • Built-in 3,500 liters fresh water tank. Steel construction with baffles and inspection plate, coated with FDA approved enamel.
  • 1″ water tank ventilation hose.
  • Tank’s level system by NMEA 2000. Visual water gauge on the water tank.
  • (2) Fresh water pumps XR-124 24V, 45 PSI, 16 gallons/60 liters per minute. 26 gallons/100 liters accumulator pressure tank.
  • PPR color coded piping for fresh water lines.
  • (2) 20 gallons marine water heaters located in the engine room.

Black and gray water systems

  • Tank’s level system by NMEA2000.
  • 2,600 liters integrated gray water tank with enamel coated interior to seal the steel tank. (2)  pump (24V DC) for outboard pumping.
  • 2,600 liters integrated black water tank with enamel coated interior to seal the steel tank. (2)  pump (24V DC) for outboard pumping.
  • Two 1” ventilation hoses for each tank – Gray water and Black water. One vent on each side of the boat for cross flow circulation.
  • PVC piping (D40, 32, 25mm) for Black and Gray water plumbing lines.

Sea water system

  • Engines and generators are sea water  cooled with stainless steel sea cocks and strainers
  • Sea chest integrated to the hull. Located in the engine room.
  • Sea water intake with (2) strainers for engines, sea water intake strainer for generator, strainer for air conditioner, strainer for water maker, strainer for hydraulic system.
  • Throughout hull fittings and sea cocks are stainless steel or marelon.

Hydraulic system

  • Integrated hydraulic system. Includes all necessary blocks, hoses and components to operate bow and stern thruster and two windlasses, stabilizer system.
  • The integrated hydraulic system is driven by live PTOs on the main engines.
  • Hydraulic pumps 130CCM, mounted on the gear boxes.
  • All hydraulic hoses and fitting connections are secured using high-pressure flexible hoses.
  • Hydraulic stabilizer system with four fins. Stabilizer control located in the pilothouse.


  • Engine room insulated with 4″ composite insulation per Bering Yachts drawings.
  • Aluminum (composite or perforated) panels installed on the ceiling and walls in the engine room.
  • Engines exhaust pipes wrapped and finished with fiber covers.
  • Sound insulation barrier installed between the engine rooms and living quarters.
  • All bulkheads, ceilings and hull sides have acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • All insulation materials are fire resistant.

Air conditioning, ventilation systems

  • Central chilled water system with reverse cycle heating.
  • Saloon – 2х18,000 BTU.
    Pilothouse – 18,000 BTU. Galley – 12,000 BTU.
    Master Stateroom – 2х12,000 BTU. Dressing room – 12,000 BTU. Guest forward Stateroom (Port) – 12,000 BTU.
    Guest forward Stateroom (STBD) – 12,000 BTU. Guest Stateroom (Starboard) – 12,000 BTU. Guest Stateroom (Port) – 12,000 BTU.
    Crew cabin – 9,000 BTU. Captain cabin – 9,000 BTU. Storage Room – 18,000 BTU.
    Engine Room – 18,000 BTU.
  • Two Independent exhaust ventilation systems from heads – one on Starboard side and the other on the Port, 24VDC.
  • Engine room features intake and outflow blowers.


  • (a)  Flybridge
  • Folding door from two halves from the cabin to the flybridge.
  • Flybridge control station with dash console comprises efficient layout of the vessel electronics and machinery controls.
  • 30″ diameter stainless steel destroyer steering wheel.
  • Helm chair.
  • Teak deck.
  • Access from the cockpit by stairs.
  • Stainless steel drains for evacuation of water overboard.
  • (2 ) Fiberglass molded-in settees with storage beneath.
  • Folding teak table in front of settee.
  • The sunbed in the port side on the flybridge.
  • Fiberglass counter top with built-in sink and faucet.
  • Electric grill.
  • Aluminum roof with arch for mast.
  • Stainless steel framed venture windshield with dark Acrylic panels.
  • Stylized fiberglass mast to support and mount navigation antennas, radar arrays, communication domes and lights.
  • Search light 220V AC with joystick (remote control) operation from the pilot house and flybridge.
  • Aft facing deck flood lights.
  • Six 40W, LED flood lights mounted aft, forward, port and starboard.
  • LED courtesy lighting along walk way.
  • dual trumpet air horn.
  • NaviLED navigation lights.
  • NaviLED Anchor light.
  • Bering 92 name insignia signs mounted on both sides of the flybridge.
  • b. Boat deck
  • Non skid paint on the deck.
  • 44″ high stainless steel safety rails D32mm.
  • 66″ stainless steel flagpole.
  • Fresh water quick release hose bib for wash down
  • Access to the boat deck from cockpit via stair.
  • four function hydraulic yacht crane with 12′ reach and 1,500 lbs. lifting capacity with remote control.
  • FRP box with lid for store cans with gasoline for boats. Installed under the boom of the crane.
  • Two 12 person life rafts installed, one to port, one to starboard.
  • LED courtesy lights.
  • c. Roof Master Cabin
  • Non skid paint on the roof.
  • Large sunbed with mattress
  • Two hatches in the master cabin with transparent covers under the mattress for sunbathing.
  • d. Bow deck
  • Teak deck.
  • 66″ stainless steel flagpole.
  • Fresh water quick release hose bib for wash down
  • Flush deck hatch access to chain locker.
  • (3) Heavy duty stainless steel bollards.
  • Sofas and tables with teak coating.
  • The pantographic door from the master cabin to the bow deck.
  • e. Main deck
  • Teak deck.
  • Weathertight aluminum door from the galley to the passageway on the port side.
  • 44″ high stainless steel 2″ safety rails.
  • Stainless steel hawse pipes with horn cleats mounted amidship port and starboard.
  • Vents for all fuel and fresh water tanks are located inside the bulwark.
  • Central fueling station with stainless steel pipe connections and 1-1/2″ steel pipes to four main tanks.
  • Deck fill for fresh water tank on port side.
  • Gray and black water pump-out station on port side.
  • Stairs on STBD side from main deck to the flybridge.
  • f. Cockpit
  • Sliding Franch door, with glued glazing.
  • Teak deck.
  • 44″ high stainless steel 2″ safety rails.
  • Four heavy duty stainless steel bollards.
  • Fiberglass molded-in settee with storage beneath with teak table.
  • Teak table.
  • Fiberglass cabinet with built-in sink and faucet.
  • Hot and cold fresh water shower box.
  • Transom gates port and starboard at aft end of cockpit.
  • 50 Amp 24VDC shore cord manager.
  • LED courtesy lights.
  • LED overhead lights.
  • g. Swim platform
  • Teak deck.
  • Access from swim platform to cockpit via stairs to port and starboard.
  • (4) 12″ stainless steel fold-down cleats.


  • 12mm engineering parquet on floors in all rooms except for toilets.
  • Internal walls of all living quarters in accordance with the design agreed with the customer.
  • All internal doors are finished with natural veneer and varnished.
  • The windows are made of 19 mm tempered glass, pasted into the body and have falling shutters.
  • The ceiling panels are covered with a microfiber of white color, and in the pilothouse – in black color.
  • Ceiling LED lights have a brightness control.
  • LED lighting on the floor in all living cabins
  • TV 42 “in the saloon.
  • Washing and drying machines. (The location is agreed with the customer when approving the design).
  • Kitchen appliances include a ceramic hob, oven, microwave , refrigerator with freezer compartment, wide stainless steel sink with electric macerator, ice maker. The specification of the models and the location of the equipment installation is coordinated with the customer when approving the design
  • All toilets (except crew cabins) have shower cubicles separated from the doors by glass partitions.
  • The ceilings of all toilets and the walls in the cabin of the crew are made of fiberglass.
  • All the floors in the toilets (except the crew cabin) have heating.


  • As-built Owner’s manual in English. Includes descriptions and systems drawings.
  • Set of Warranty Certificates.
  • Set of manuals and certificates relating to materials and equipment.
  • Tool box.
  • Spare parts for equipment, supplied by manufacturers.

Electronics and Navigation equipment

  • Two black boxes TZTBB system.
  • Two MCU002 remote controls (on the flybridge).
  • Four 24″ HD monitors in the pilot house.
  • Two 17″  HD monitors (installed on the flybridge).
  • Four data organizers model FI-70.
  • Two radars model DRS25A (PSU13).
  • Two antenna models XN13A/6 (6 foot open array).
  • Depth finder model DFF1 BB.
  • Two transducer models 556TID-LTD/12.
  • Satellite compass model SC-30.
  • Converter for SC30 model IF-NMEASC NMEA.
  • GPS antenna receiver model GP330B.
  • 220WX Ultrasonic Weather Station.
  • Transponder model FA 50 AIS Class B.
  • AIS antenna 2,5m
  • Converter CAN bus/NMEA2000 modelIF-NMEA2K2
  • FI-5002 Junction Box.
  • HUB-101 Ethernet Hub.
  • Control unit, processor, rudder reference model 711C.
  • Rate heading sensor model PG 700
  • Pump model PUMPHRP05-24.
  • Two radio model M506-41 (Rear Mic), compliant to new FCC Class D DSC.
  • Two antennas 2,5m
  • Four hand held radio model M88-01-5W (compact radio).
  • ACR-2842 Class A EPIRB Pro 406 CAT I w integral GPS
  • ACR SART-2714NH PatFinder3 Transponder w Bracket
  • DVD / Receiver model MS-AV700i
  • Three remote controls.
  • Four 5” channel marine amplifier model MS-DA51600 1600 Watt D Class.
  • Four 6″ ceiling speakers model MS-CL602 120W.
  • Four 7″ speakers model MS-FR7021 260 Watt.
  • Four 10″ woofer model MS-SW10400W.



The custom 92 footer (29 meters) is the new flagship of Bering’s Exploration  line and embodies the result of the creative process between the client and the shipyard.

Bering 92 reimagines and combines many stylistic elements already known to the Bering brand – solid steel/aluminum construction, long-range capabilities, full displacement hull and high interior volumes, adding an elegant and timeless exterior matched with an equally elegant interior design.

The Bering Yacht 92 is designed with a displacement of 462,000 pounds (210 metric tons), will carry 5,540 gallons of fuel (21,000 liters) and is  able to cruise for more than 3,500 miles using a pair of 410 hp engines. She is  able to reach a top speed of 12 knots and a comfortable cruising speed of 9 knots.

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