Original Equipment Manufacturing By Bering Yachts

Vehicles outside of the Bering Yachts shipyard

Established in 2007 as an iconic explorer yachts’ builder, Bering Yachts is ready to share its experience with other brands as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). Whether you are a Fortune-500 Company or a bold start-up, Bering Yachts is eager to join your project regardless of complexity, and progress towards completion.  So why not add some advantages to your business? Working with Bering Yachts allows you to be more competitive with timing, professionalism, and experience while saving up to 30% in cost and keeping the quality under control.

Joining forces with an OEM supplier is hardly a new production trend in the boating industry. Choosing any boat from fishing vessels to superyachts, you can be sure that you will find dozens of OEM-supplied parts inside. 

Still, this practice is sullied by numerous myths…

Quality control and the guarantee of parts is of course the primary concern. Whether it is hull construction or interior design, Bering Yachts is dedicated to providing precision and quality work. In 2020 Bering Yachts was certified by LMS Certification Limited to the ISO management and quality standard 9001:2015 and environment protection system ISO 14001:2015. Moreover, the contractor is free to set their own supervision routine. While other companies tend to limit the contractor’s visits, Bering is happy to see our partners in the hangar whenever they find it necessary. 

The next myth states that there is a limited scope that OEM-companies’  are capable of.  Many swear by the idea that OEM companies lack expertise, making the construction of a vessel more like putting together a puzzle. Bering Yachts maintains more than 100 skilled employees both “white-” and “blue collars”.

About Our OEM Employees

 Our departments of:

  • engineers,
  • naval architects,
  • interior designers,
  • technicians,
  • electricians,
  • mechanics,
  • welders,
  • and furniture craftsmen

always exceed customers’ expectations. We handle the job from start to finish with, making the vessel ready to sail for delivery and transfer. 

Unlike other companies in the case of OEM relations, Bering Yachts takes care of all management, documentation, and production while other companies may only supervise and control the process either remotely or on-site. Every step from design to delivery is thoroughly documented and standardized.

Hull of Bering Yachts B77

Our OEM Facility

Bering Yachts has a big advantage of being located in the Antalya free zone. As a yacht construction hub for over 2 decades, today, the Antalya’s free zone is home to a handful of superyacht builders (as Damen Shipyards Antalya) that deliver quality vessels that stand up to scrutiny from the most experienced customers and competitors alike. This location guarantees a special tax regime and is conveniently located with the Mediterranean Sea directly connected to the production facility.  Special tax regime allows the shipyard to be free of:

  • VAT
  • All taxes
  • Duty

In addition to the privileges connected with all types of taxes, the location of the Bering shipyard ensures the professionalism of its employees. Being among the others shipbuilders in a place that has a long-standing cultural tradition and experience in shipbuilding, the labor is highly skilled and in perfect supply at competitive wages. Add that the country connects two continents by land, sea, and air routes, that really pay off in terms of supplies and delivery time. These factors make for very impressive figures budget-wise. 

This is exactly how the Antalya’s free zone looks like

Bering Yachts being loaded at the Antalya Free Zone

Ownership rights are another point of difference for Bering Yachts where the company pushes the envelope. Bering Yachts maintains a flexible, clear, and transparent approach in setting up contractual obligations. Entering the contract Bering Yachts immediately transfers the ownership rights of the future vessel to the partner while keeping the responsibility of loss and damage to the yacht until delivery and transfer of it to the client. 

The aforementioned terms and practices of Bering Yachts are equally applicable for any kind of OEM relationship be it ships’ part design and production or whole vessel construction, where all that partner has to do is provide us with their logo. In any case, this is a win-win situation for any business that decides to partner with Bering Yachts.

As OEM producer Bering Yachts is focused on projects from 30-m LOA. 

  • B 65
  • B 70
  • B 72
  • B 77
  • B 80
  • B 85
  • B 92
  • B 95
  • B CAT
  • B 107
  • B 117
  • B 130
  • B 180
  • B 145