What is Yacht Refitting?

Refitting, or the refit of yachts, includes repairing and restoring old vessels. Similar to the way that houses are renovated, yacht refitting can be thought of as boat renovation. There are several categories that yacht refitting can be broken down into:

Replacing or Adding

An example of this replacing or adding would be replacing aged hull machinery with new equipment

Yacht Modification

Includes modifications made to the vessel to make sure it operates at full performance or to increase the performance, perhaps preparing a regatta. Whether the goal is to beef up the engine, improve exhaust systems, or just upgrade the propellers, yacht modification is a great choice.

Yacht Customization

Customizing a yacht can be as simple as changing the exterior paint color or as in-depth as an overhaul of the interior design.

Yacht Modernization

Modernizing a yacht involves updating an older yachts systems and technology with the equipments modern counterparts.

Yacht Restoration

Yacht restoration is an entire overhaul of the vessel, meaning full-scale renovation of a dilapidated boat so as bring her back to former glory. Such a thorough process takes a lot of time, but the result is so much worth it! We start off yacht restoration with a profound cleaning of the vessel from top to bottom and from stem to stern, that becomes a moment when we finalise the scope of works to be done. Once we finish cleaning, a detailed visual inspection takes place. We look for visible signs of damage, such as crazed or cracked fiberglass, torn or moldy upholstery, peeling paint, rusty components and much more. After the visual inspection we asses all the yacht systems and equipment. During this step we also remove old fuel from the tank and oil from the engine. Finally, we form a detailed list of repairs and get down to the restoration process itself.

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