New Bering 70 steel motor yacht on sale

Meet the new Bering 70 Ra

Her hull shape and profile let you easily recognize that the Bering 70 is an atypical motoryacht that is incredibly stylish. A reverse-raked bow, the superstructure with large use of panoramic windows, high bulwark with numerous elements of stainless steel. Elegant mast carrying radar, communication antennas and lighting devices. In general, the exterior design of Bering 70 developed by the Australian company Sabdes displays an image filled with clean crisp lines.
Featuring a pilothouse deck, full displacement hull and a range of over 2,500 nautical miles she’s ready to carry you and your guests to far away destination.

Bering 70 modern stylish steel yacht ideal for long coastal cruising

Bering 70 modern stylish steel yacht ideal for long coastal cruising

Bering 70 is the 21 -meter steel motor yacht with a draft of 1,3 m. She is ideal for cruising in shallow waters and at the same time is able to cross the ocean safely and comfortably. Bering 70 features a spaciuos 35sq.m flybridge equppied with barbeque area and huges settees, a big cockpit which can be the favorite place to spend time with guests. The exteriors and interiors reflect modern and minimalistic design. Bering 70 is an excellent solution for those who loves long coastal cruising and highly apprecciate home feeling comfort.

Bering 80 - Beyond Capricorn

Bering 80 - Beyond Capricorn

Steel expedition yacht Beyond Capricorn -Bering 80 is getting ready to discover new horizons after refit. Bering 80 is very capable and has enormous fuel capacity 28 000 litres and can travel over 7,000 nautical miles with full tanks.

Bering Yachts Shipyard In Turkey

Welcome to Bering shipyard in Turkey. Here is a little update of ongoing projects. Currently we have 5 projects on the go:
Bering 80 is under refit, Bering 70 is almost comleted and will be lauchnched in two months, Bering 77 the second hull is at the first stage of construction, steel works are in progress. Bering 92 is our newly developed secret treasure , it is an ocean going vessel as capable as any of other Berings but it looks absolutely different. One more Bering 70 is under constuction, the steel and aluminum job is completed. Next step is sandblasting and paint and interiors.

Meet the team

From design conception, engineering development, construction completion and launch every build phase is managed by the Bering Yachts international team of specialists.

Welcome to Bering Yachts!

An introductory video to the company.

Bering 115

The Bering 115 Expedition Yacht is currently the flagship of the Bering fleet! Striking with her bold and powerful lines, she has been designed to be a superb transoceanic yacht, ready to take on the heaviest of seas with grace and efficiency due to her tall bow profile, providing the requisite buoyancy to rise up and over approaching swells. Her “expeditionary” profile is due to this bow profile as well as the Portuguese bridge and pilothouse, features that contribute to her functionality as well as aesthetics. The Bering 115 is every bit as capable as she looks and with her enormous fuel capacity she can travel well over 6,000 nautical miles with full tanks.

Bering 80

Bering 80 is currently the flagship of Bering's Expedition line of yachts, and carries the same bold, proud design, and fuel capacity that can move her over 6,000 miles. With great reserve buoyancy, the 80 Expedition is designed to rise up and over large ocean swells. And while she is built tough for challenging passages, she also has plenty of deck space for tenders and toys, as well as an upper sun deck for soaking up your surroundings.

B80’s interiors are just as massive as her presence on the water. She can be outfitted with six staterooms as well as an owner’s suite. A 25’ 8” (7.8 m) beam allows room for both port- and starboard-side decks for safer operation. Powered by twin 350-horsepower Cummins engines, she will cruise at 8 knots most efficiently burning only 10 gallons per hour (40 LPH).

Dressed in dramatic dark blue steel, the Bering 80 is the heaviest in her class, displacing 485,000 lbs (220 tons) with a fuel capacity close to 12,900 gallons (50,000 liters).
Her masculine steel displacement hull and massive 25'8'' (7.8 metre) beam gives this tri-deck expedition yacht the ability to traverse oceans in unparalleled comfort and safety. Powered by twin Cummins 350 horse power engines housed in a meticulously designed soundproofed machinery room she is the ultimate explorer. Spacious, elegant and practical, Veda's huge volume gives her immense on-board space to comfortably accommodate eight guests in her four luxurious staterooms plus four crew members, all with en-suite bathrooms.

Bering 70

Bering 70 - Preliminary sea trials

During the sea-trials Bering 70 reached over 12 knots at maximum speed. She is fast cruising at 10 knots consuming 31 liters (8.1 gallons) per hour and comfortably cruising at 8 knots burning only 16 liters (4.2 gallons) per hour providing a sea kindly ride and impressive fuel efficiency.

Bering 77

The Bering 77 is a very athletic and graceful long range motor yacht. Relying on the experience and lessons learned from all previous models the Bering 77 has one on-deck departure; the Portuguese bridge deck has been merged into the foredeck making this a spectacular outdoors gathering place with comfortable seating to enjoy a front row view while underway in smooth seas.

Bering 65 Serge in rough seas

Serge is hull number 2 in the Berings’s 65-foot expedition range and is ideally suited for long-range cruising in open waters.

She remains stable even in the roughest seas, and her owner describes his 65 as a ship designed to be his luxurious “home away from home”.

Designed with an all-steel displacement hull, the Bering 65 has an estimated range of 5,000 nautical miles at a cruising speed of 6 to 7 knots and features a raised pilothouse and, in Serge‘s case, twin Cummins QSL engines.

Bering 65 hull #3 under construction

Bering Yachts prides itself on building robust, steel-hulled yachts with an emphasis on reliable, easy-to-access machinery. This mindset starts below decks and works its way throughout all ship systems.

Bering 65 “Serge” boat tour with Jeff Merrill

Bering 65 "Serge" - Interiors Slideshow

Bering 65 "Serge" underway

Bering 65 hull #2 conducting her first sea trial.

Bering 65 "Namaste"

Bering 65 "Namaste", the first hull of this model is a rugged pilothouse yacht that has the brawn to make any ocean passage while providing her crew a truly relaxing and even pampered quality of life thanks to her three spacious staterooms each with en suite heads plus additional crew quarters. With an incredible range of 5000 nautical miles no destination is out of reach!

Bering 60

The Bering 60 is part of the Explorer series. Like all of Bering’s models she has been designed from the keel up to be a superb transoceanic yacht.

Bering 60's contemporary interior design is a departure from the more traditional styling found on many of today’s passagemaking yachts, but her capabilities are that of a true bluewater voyager.

Featuring a pilothouse deck, full displacement hull and a range of over 3,000 nautical miles, Bering 60 ia ready to carry you and your guests to wherever your destination lies, near or far.


  • LOA 95 4"(29.08 m)
    Displacement 210 mT
    Range 3,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 100'3" (30.6 m)
    Displacement 250 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 32.54 m
    Displacement 246 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 117 2" (35.42 m)
    Displacement 318 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 134' (40.86 m)
    Displacement 479 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 44.20 m (145')
    Displacement 514 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 55 m (180')
    Displacement 550 mT
    Range 4,500+ nautical miles


  • LOA 65' (19.78 m)
    Displacement 107 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 73'6" (22.43 m)
    Displacement 70 mT
    Range 2,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 72` (21.88 m)
    Displacement 118 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'2" (25.97 m)
    Displacement 165 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'9" (26.2 m)
    Displacement 220 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 84'9"(25.90 m)
    Displacement 160 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles