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Yacht buying tips for beginner

Most people that own a yacht are successful entrepreneurs looking to expand their business and opportunity. Many people will purchase a yacht that builds on their lifestyle and business.

People may want to purchase a yacht but have no sort of knowledge on the subject. The global yacht industry is expected to grow to $74.77 billion by 2022. As the industry grows, many people are looking into purchasing a yacht. Here are our yacht buying tips for beginners.


With so many different types of yachts, it is overwhelming for first-time buyers to choose from. The first step in purchasing a yacht is to decide on what exactly the yacht will be used for. The buyer should make a list of where they plan to take the yacht, who they plan to take with them, and the length of the trips. Making this list can help the buyer have an idea of the type of layout and seating/living arrangements they are truly looking for. Yacht owners treat their yacht as their home away from home, so it is very important that yacht buyers choose a yacht that is comfortable and spacious.


Many people think their budget of the yacht should just be the price of the yacht. Other things buyers must consider are insurance, maintenance, gas, and storage. Buyers should only see the sticker price of the yacht as a part of the budget.


Another thing buyers should keep in mind is the equipment that they will want on the boat. Some examples of equipment include kitchen appliances, A/C systems, generators, washer/dryer, underwater lighting, Bluetooth system, satellite television, and GPS. Something to keep in mind when thinking about what equipment a buyer might need is the length of the trips they will take the yacht on.


It is extremely beneficial to do research, read reviews, and look at brochures on yachts. Going to a boat show is truly going the extra mile. A boat show is a go-to place for prospective yacht buyers to window shop a ton of different makes and models. If a buyer has specific yachts in mind, check out the manufacturer site to see their schedule of boat shows.


Once a buyer has their eyes set on a specific yacht, they can take the yacht out on a test drive. Since sea trials tend to be a bit of a hassle for the yacht company, they are usually at the buyer’s expense in the form of a fee or down payment on the yacht.

Taking a yacht out for the first time is an exhilarating experience unlike no other. Whether people choose a small or large expedition yacht, there are many things to consider before purchasing a yacht. We here at Bering Yachts can help make the buying experience easier than ever. We are the premier yacht company building the best quality boats for over two decades. Contact us today at (919) 345-0240 for all of your boating needs!