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As yachts age, styles fall out of trend, and vessels change hands in terms of ownership.  At Bering Yachts, we have over 15 years of yacht refitting and renovation experience. Through this experience, we’ve learned what meaningful yacht refitting and renovation requires. Our experienced team provides a complete and detailed refit of the yacht. The lifting capacity that we can afford is in the area of 500 tons. Regardless of what kind of vessel you have, you can trust in Bering Yachts to provide second-to-none yacht refitting services.

What Is Yacht Refitting?

Refitting, or the refit of yachts includes renovation, repairing, and restoring old vessels. Similar to the way that houses are renovated, yacht refitting can be thought of as boat renovation. There are several categories that yacht refitting can be broken down into:

Replacing or Adding

An example of this replacing or adding would be replacing aged hull machinery with new equipment.

Yacht Modification

Modifying a yacht would be modifications made to the vessel to increase the performance, perhaps in preparation for a regatta. Yacht modification is one of the most popular aspects of yacht refitting considering it encompasses so much of what is important about yachting. Ensure your yacht is operating at full performance with yacht modification from Bering Yachts. Whether you’re looking to beef up the engine, improve exhaust systems, or simply want to upgrade the propellers, yacht modification is a great choice.

Yacht Customization

Customizing a yacht can be as simple as changing the exterior paint color or as in-depth as an overhaul of the interior design.

Yacht Modernization

Modernizing a yacht involves updating the systems and technology of an older yacht with the equipment’s modern counterparts.

Yacht Restoration

Yacht restoration is an entire overhaul of the vessel, restoring a dilapidated boat, yacht, or trawler and bringing it back to its former glory. Also known as yacht renovation, many vessel owners save some money on a yacht by purchasing an older boat and then renovating it. At Bering Yachts, we’re experienced in working on boats of all ages. If you have an older vessel that’s in need of yacht renovation, Bering Yachts can bring your dream to life. Trust Bering Yachts for yacht renovation on boats of all kinds and ages.

Yacht Maintenance

Sometimes, making major modifications to your yacht isn’t quite what’s needed. At Bering Yachts, we’d be happy to perform maintenance to your yacht as well. Yacht maintenance includes internal and external washing and deep cleaning, waxing, systems check, repainting, and a number of different tasks to make sure your boat is running at peak performance. At Bering Yachts, we have years of experience performing yacht maintenance for vessels of all sizes. Trust Bering Yachts to keep your vessel running perfectly for years to come through our yacht maintenance services.


It’s important to ask yourself why you’d like to refit your vessel in the first place. Most often, the answer is that the vessel has become aged. Around the five year mark, yachts may require a fresh coat of paint, mechanical renewals, or technological updates to ensuring it’s running to the owner’s liking.

On the other hand, yacht, superyacht, boat or trawler owners may want to refit their vessel after a change of ownership. When a person purchases a boat for personal use, it goes without saying that they want that boat to feel like their own. This results in that new owner implementing mechanical or cosmetic changes to make that vessel feel like they’ve owned it for years.

These are the most popular reasons people look to refit their trawler, yacht, or superyacht. But, there are a number of different reasons people seek boat renovation. Once you understand exactly why you want to refit your yacht, and what you’d like to do, it’s time to discover how. That’s where Bering Yachts comes into the picture. We’ll work with you, discuss your vision and budget, and use that information to devise a yacht refitting plan for your vessel.  Reach out to us online or over the phone at +1 (919) 523-4265 to learn about how we can be of assistance for refitting your yacht or trawler.


  • Technical support and replacement of all hydraulic, electric and mechanical systems;
  • Hull maintenance;
  • Service for engines and transmissions of all kind;
  • Full repainting jobs;
  • Electronic equipment upgrades;
  • Hybrid propulsion technology maintenance;
  • Anti corrosion and anti-osmosis treatment;
  • All kinds of interior design and custom made interiors re-design;
  • Exteriors/desk works: tick, deck equipment;
  • All kinds of engineering work;
  • Maintenance of pipe systems;

We offer services for the following types of vessels:

  • Yacht Refitting & Renovation
  • Superyacht Refitting & Renovation
  • Trawler Refitting & Renovation
  • … and Refitting & Renovation services for other kinds of boats. Contact us to learn more.
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