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Bering 55’s voyage to the Abrolhos Islands

Dave Ewart owner of  Bering 55″Fonster” has recently cruised to the Abrolhos Islands, the southernmost coral reef in the Indian Ocean, and one of the highest latitude reef systems in the world. The Abrolhos Islands make an idyllic cruising ground: clear water, warm temperatures, uncrowded, with an abundance of fish, coral and sea lions.

The islands are located about 36 hours from Fremantle, where Fonster is usually harbored.

Dave’s first encounter with a Bering vessel was in 2014 while visiting Bali where he discovered Bering 65 “Namaste” part of the Expedition series. Soon after, he discovered Bering 55 “Mila” and was so impressed he decided to buy her and ship her to Australia.

After changing her name to “Fonster” Dave and his wife Fonny have been cruising around Asia and Australia  and stated “Our little ship is performing outstandingly and has proved herself as a real sea going vessel.”