Superyachts under 24 meters

Bering Yachts offers four boats up to 24 meters, each yacht giving her owner a chance to create their own reality. All of these vessels offer stunning interiors and high-tech solutions on board. Whether you travel single-handed or with a crew, these Bering yachts are sure to present you with a high level of comfort as you make your way to remote islands and unexplored waters

Superyachts more than 24 meters

Bering Yachts offers several yacht models of more than 24 meters in length. Each of these vessels provides the utmost reliability and luxury during long-range navigation. These steel boats have more than enough space for storing provisions and equipment for a distant journey and are perfectly fit for harsh weather conditions. You will be stunned by the functionality, simplicity, and elegance of Bering yachts. All our steel yachts are semi-custom and we are ready to tailor them to your exact specifications