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Bering: Made of Steel, Part Three. Steeling the Prize

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Striving to be the best, one always faces a decision. There is no single correct way of doing things; your choice defines your present and future. Needing to pick one material for the hulls of its yachts and superyachts, Bering Yachts chose steel. Fiberglass and aluminum are good, but they are not good enough to achieve excellence the Bering way – with safety and stability above all.

The results of abrasion, impact, and fire resistance experiments run by an independent laboratory requested by Bering proved that:

  1. As a shipbuilding material, steel provides more durability and resistance to wear and tear than aluminum thus providing higher safety to passengers.
  2. Steel and aluminum have similar resistance to abrasion; fiberglass has significantly lower results. In extreme conditions or over longer periods of time at sea, steel and aluminum have a greater sturdiness, and less damage will be done by the abrasive effect of external objects, while the fiberglass hull safety might be compromised.
  3. Fiberglass, though not flammable, might be extremely dangerous during the fire due to its toxicity and tendency to melt with higher temperatures. Aluminum is not toxic, but can still melt through. To affect steel, especially to melt through it, a significantly higher temperature has to be applied. Aluminum is somewhat, and steel is way safer in regard to fire than fiberglass.

Putting safety, comfort and stability above everything, we are proud to design and build reliable and secure displacement boats that also look and feel great. We provide our customers a water adventure with a cozy home feeling. Most importantly, our boats will accomplish what they are built for – carrying their passengers intact and comfortable with a significant amount of luxury to any destination of their choice.

Of course, there is a place for aluminum and fiberglass on Bering yachts and superyachts. Building hulls out of steel, we use marine-grade aluminum for the superstructure, and the mast and furniture are made of fiberglass. Reaching the balanced cohesion between these materials, we provide our clients with the best possible seagoing experience.

If you are looking for a reliable and no-nonsense displacement boat that is capable of withstanding the elements during a long-range trip, Bering is a right choice. Building of steel, Bering Yachts upholds its identity as a manufacturer of yachts and superyachts that puts customers’ safety and comfort above all other matters. This is how we started our path, and this is how we continue on through.

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