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Bering signs exclusive representation contract with Portofino Yachts Brazil

As of September 27th Portofino Yachts has become the exclusive distributor for the Bering brand in Brazil.

Bering Yachts, established in 2007, pride themselves for building their boats in steel and for their long range capabilities. These boats will appeal to those who would like to cruise the remote regions of the world, from the north to south poles in absolute luxury.

Bering Yachts are built in Turkey where all aspects of shipbuilding – construction process, engineering and design, production and quality control offer the perfect combination of experience in the naval sector and affordable rates.


According Andre Du pont, of Portofino Yachts “people will be able to navigate the entire coast of Brazil and make safe transoceanic voyages without the need of refueling”. Bering’s range of yachts is composed of three lines, Expedition, Explorer and Yachtship, ranging from 50 to 116 feet.

”This representation comes at a good time because we live in times of crisis in Brazil and for this reason many customers are choosing to invest their money abroad. However with the Portofino – Bering Yachts representation we can offer the Brazilian customers a new type of vessel who’s popularity is extensively growing throughout the world due to its sea kindly ride and impressive fuel efficiency.


Why have a luxury apartment in Miami if you can have a Bering at the same price and be able to travel throughout the Caribbean without worrying about supplies. As an example, the Bering 70, due to be launched in December 2015, has a range of 2,500 nautical miles and can cruise the entire Caribbean, consuming only 16 liters of fuel at 8 knots “concludes Du Pont.

Portofino Yachts launched the representation at the Sao Paulo Boat Show that took place from 1 – 6 October.

The international brand Bering Yachts designs and builds some of the safest semi-custom, steel-hulled expedition and luxury trawler yachts ranging in size from 20m (65ft) to 45m (145ft). Recently acquired company HYSUCAT which has transformed into Bering Marine, added the production of aluminum and fiberglass hydrofoil-supported catamarans to our portfolio. Through all phases of the process – concept, design, engineering, and construction – Bering’s vessels are the result of the efforts of Bering’s experienced team. It includes in-house architects and furniture-makers, engineers, and craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and abide by the highest standards.

Bering Yachts employs over 200 skilled craftsmen in our modern shipbuilding facilities in Antalya, Türkiye, and in Burgas, Bulgaria. Our sales team works with the clients from all around the globe; Bering offices are located in Türkiye, Germany, USA and the Caribbean, and in Australia. Strictly controlled in-house construction, system redundancy, and proven commercial-grade components make Bering Yachts products capable, reliable, comfortable, and seaworthy.