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Bering Yachts and NautiStyles expand their partnership

Bering Yachts is extremely pleased to announce an expansion of cooperation with Rico Stoll and Victoria Chalaya of NautiStyles. Founders and owners of one of the world’s most watched yacht walkthrough YouTube channels will now be overseeing Bering Yachts’ operations in North & South America as well as in the Caribbean.

Renowned yachting industry professionals and captains, Victoria and Rico have recently decided to build their own charter-capable Bering 75. To document this exciting journey, they have started a separate YouTube channel, NautiGuys, which in a short period of time has accumulated an audience of over 84 thousand viewers. 

Now, the successful couple will demonstrate even more trust in Bering Yachts’ boats and philosophy. They will manage all the Bering Team activities through the Americas office. To contact Victoria and Rico personally regarding any Bering-related issues please reach out to [email protected]