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Bering Yachts discusses long-travel experiences with the owner of B76 

Bering has released a prolonged interview with the owner of B76 Lemanja after a 4,600-mile trip from Türkiye to Great Britain discussing experiences and intricacies of long travel onboard a Bering yacht. 

B76 Lemanja, a compact explorer yacht, has recently traveled from Antalya, Türkiye to Portsmouth, Great Britain, covering a total of 4,600 nautical miles in the process. The geography of the trip included traversing the Mediterranean and Aegean seas while passing through Türkiye, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France on the way to the final destination in GB. The video interview, released on a Bering Yachts YouTube channel, covers many topics ranging from the personal history of the yacht owner to the details of operating the boat of this size with the crew of one. 

The main feature of this video is the trip itself. The owner prefers “to feel the sea and do the traveling; not to race the sea, but to travel the sea,” so his choice of B76, a steady and safe explorer, was obvious. Seeing more of the world, especially the remote places only accessible by sea, was important, and given the owner’s future plans to explore North, the steel boat was the only one up to the task. Security, lack of noise, stability, roominess, fuel economy, and maneuverability – all of the Bering yachts’ advantages were put to the test during this trip. Lemanja did great. 

The owner’s personal video inserts add real zest to his story. You can see the 2.5-meter stormy waves, feel the 40-knot winds, and experience the footage of the beautiful Turkish, Spanish, and Portuguese coastlines, which give a breathtaking view of the first-hand sea travel. Deep-diving into the details of a prolonged trip, living on a boat and operating it with the help of a small crew, or on their own, is another feature that makes this video so attractive. Michael talks about B76 being a “true boat-house on the water,” – and sometimes the footage of the cabins and internal settings really brings the viewer into the private life of the boat owner. In the later parts of the video, he shares the plans of going from Great Britain to Norway, traversing the Atlantic Ocean on the way along the United States shore, and then hitting a part of the Pacific going to the Caribbean. 

The story of Michael, the owner-operator who started by purchasing a pleasure yacht several years ago and now owns an ocean-going steel displacement explorer, is truly fascinating. He is a person many can relate to, who loves rock’n’roll and travel, and who in a short time became a marine enthusiast and an experienced yacht captain and owner. It is a path of passion and dedication. “Living your dream?” – asks the interviewer. “Living my dream,” – answers Michael, and it pretty much sums it up.