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Big movement at Bering Yachts Antalya Shipyard

In the end of October Bering Yacht has reached an important milestone in the construction of several yachts ranging from 77 to 145 feet.

The hulls of 77, 92, 117 and 145 models had interchanged their “residency”. The big movement was performed between October 23rd and 24th on the Bering Yachts facilities in Antalya.

The fall of 2020 was full of events at Bering Yachts. The latest was the 145 model’s hull turning and superstructure joining that happened in mid-October.

Now progressing well in schedule welding, fairing, painting and furniture installation works were due for several projects Bering Yachts is working on. Therefore, four hulls have changed their location in different hangars around an extensive Bering Yachts shipyard.

First, as the hull works had been completed on Bering92 it was time to change location from general construction hangar to airtight sterile painting shed that is owned by Bering Yachts. In this shed, she joined almost fully painted Bering77 where wiring and furniture installation works began. This project will be the first performed at recently acquired carpentry and furniture installation workshop of Bering Yachts.

Then it was turn of Bering145 flagship to join the hulls of Bering117, Bering 76 and Bering 70, for sandblasting the hull. The first 44.2-meter steel explorer’s appearance at the open air gave a breath taking view of how this enormous yacht will look like. The room released by Bering145 will be used for a new undisclosed Bering Yachts project.

On the occasion Alexey Mikhailov, the President of the Bering Yachts commented:

With recent activities, Bering Yachts set its own record: we never had moved such big structural elements in big quantities. This is two-folded process. On one hand, Bering Yachts is growing in terms of facilities. We are close to complete full production cycle within one yard. Now Bering Yacht operates on 5000 sq meters in Antalya. On the other hand, we are growing in terms of orders. We are happy to admit, despite the downtimes, we are enjoying growth and the future looks promising to us.

The international brand Bering Yachts designs and builds some of the safest semi-custom, steel-hulled expedition and luxury trawler yachts ranging in size from 20m (65ft) to 45m (145ft). Recently acquired company HYSUCAT which has transformed into Bering Marine, added the production of aluminum and fiberglass hydrofoil-supported catamarans to our portfolio. Through all phases of the process – concept, design, engineering, and construction – Bering’s vessels are the result of the efforts of Bering’s experienced team. It includes in-house architects and furniture-makers, engineers, and craftsmen who pay attention to every detail and abide by the highest standards.

Bering Yachts employs over 200 skilled craftsmen in our modern shipbuilding facilities in Antalya, Türkiye, and in Burgas, Bulgaria. Our sales team works with the clients from all around the globe; Bering offices are located in Türkiye, Germany, USA and the Caribbean, and in Australia. Strictly controlled in-house construction, system redundancy, and proven commercial-grade components make Bering Yachts products capable, reliable, comfortable, and seaworthy.