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Designer Scott Blee comments on the Bering Yachts new flagship B130

Bering 130 has been developed in association with Sabdes Design to be a superb transoceanic yacht, ready to take on the heaviest of seas with grace and efficiency due to a tall bow profile that provides the requisite buoyancy to rise up and over approaching swells.

The Bering 130′ was always going to be the natural follow on model from the Bering 115′ that my company SABDES Design developed for Bering Yachts in early 2016. By half way through the year Bering were in close contact working with a client wanting a larger version, so SABDES  worked in close collaboration with the Naval Architects at Bering on this larger design.

We decided on softening the 130’s look compared to the more military sharp styled 115 footer, by rounding all her superstructure corners and go for a more ‘yacht style’ look, yet owing to her high freeboard she still retains the same very muscular presence of the 115′. ” stated Scott.

Even though she’s 130 ft overall, she’s a big volume boat and so her vast interior spaces will probably make her feel more like a 150 footer. She’s big enough to give the owners their private living space away from guests.

SABDES is aiming to create a similar family look throughout the entire new Bering yachts range they have been working on. Aiming for ‘rugged yet modern appearance’, there’s also a 77ft and 95ft
design which share this similar styling and deck arrangements as the 115′ and 130′.

Scott explains that explorer yachts are quite dear to his heart “I love the vessel size that allows very low crew numbers to manage them, yet still have no holds barred, go-anywhere capability and if I can make them also look pretty tied up at the marina, then that’s all the better!”

For those who are looking for an over-24-meter superyacht, Bering has to offer three hull sizes: B120, B125, and B145. Other sizes, announced previously on our website, did not draw enough interest and will not be available. By simplifying our product range, we will be able to focus better on the models we offer, thus providing even better yachts to our customers.