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Explorer Yachts: Introducing Deep Dives with Bering

Knowledge is power, and that statement couldn’t be more true for ocean exploration. That’s why we’re excited to launch a brand new article series, diving deep into the mechanics of building a yacht fit to explore. 

Stroll by any Mediterranean marina in the summer season, and you’ll see rows upon rows of luxury yachts lining the docks. Chances are you’ll find the same boats there month after month. The answer to why luxury yachts spend more time in the marina than at sea is multifaceted, but time, capital and vessel capability are the top three factors. 

Creating yachting adventures: capability comes first

​​But this decision to stay in the marina for large parts of the year is not just about time or money. The most important factor is, quite simply, vessel capability. For a yacht to bid farewell to the safety of the marina and comfortably cruise for extended periods, that yacht has to be built to explore. But how do you know if a vessel is fit for adventures at sea?

Many in the market for an expedition yacht are overwhelmed with vague and superficial information on what makes a true explorer yacht – or, on the other side of the spectrum – underwhelmed by the lack of quality information regarding technical and engineering solutions that would ultimately assist them in making the correct choices when it came to their explorer yacht. 

Our new article series Deep Dives by Bering aims to shed light on precisely these questions, equipping yacht owners, captains and charter clients with the knowledge needed to make the right decision when building a yacht to explore. We will share the real science and logic behind expedition yachting, and reveal how to build a boat not only to explore but to stand the test of time. 

Deep Dives with Bering Yachts 

The first in our new articles series will dig into the use of steel in explorer yachts. Does an expedition vessel need a steel hull? And if so, why? We sit down with Bering engineers and naval architects to find out the answers and provide yacht owners with the insight they need to make informed decisions when building a new explorer yacht.

Stay tuned for the first edition of Deep Dives with Bering Yachts coming this summer! Is there a topic you want to hear about? Leave the Bering media team a comment with what you’d like to learn more about, or get in touch with a member of the Bering Yachts team directly. 

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