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Collaboration with Scott Blee

Scott Blee, founder, owner, and chief designer at SABDES Design; works closely with Bering Yachts performing exterior styling services on new products range.  Below you can find a set of questions and answers which will allow you to get to know the people behind the Bering brand and their experience in working with us. 

Bering Yachts: Scott, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background (studies, hobbies, previous work experience) and current role in the company.

Scott: I had many pathways I could have followed in choosing a career, but somewhere along the way I decided that if forged along the design path it would lead to interesting times. I grew up in an area with the boating life all around, but also in an area not frequented by many superyachts, so when an occasional one visited, my senses became alive. I had somehow developed a keen fascination for large, stylish yachts. I scoured magazines for the latest in design and brokerage news. I sketched my own profiles of yachts, and for one Aussie designer in particular I sketched profiles of his yachts from magazine photos; that was Jon Bannenberg.

When it came time to get serious about doing something, I naturally focused my attentions toward yacht design, and threw myself at courses in Naval Architecture. My early career was working as a design draughtsman on the design of new build navy ships in Australia. Feeling the first phase of my design career was not quite heading in the right yachting direction, I studied and completed a University degree in Industrial Design, and specialized in one particularly relevant subject; car design and styling.

The year was 2000 and studies were now behind me, so I started SABDES, and got on the internet. I conceptualized in 3D CAD many of my own automotive inspired concept superyachts, but backed it up with solid ship building experience. I started getting my work published in yacht magazines. Clients began knocking at my door, doors began opening… and the story continues!

Bering Yachts:  Can you describe how does a regular day at work pass by (this should be interesting since you’re working from your home-boat).

Scott: A regular day at my work is not really a regular day. I keep two offices; one is on-board my forty seven foot classic motoryacht, the other on land.

Bering Yachts:  What do you enjoy most about working at Bering ?

Scott:  I prefer to do the creative concept work aboard if the weather is good or bad. Strangely when i’m designing boats for Bering, being on-board when the weather is bad sort of makes sense.. at least to me! 

When i’m not travelling about, i’m usually emailing work to colleagues and clients through the day, and sometimes well into my night. Being in Australia, the time difference can be an advantage, being able to deliver fresh work at the start of Bering’s day in Europe means we basically can provide a 24 hour service to customers. I sometimes spend time working in-house at Bering’s shipyard in Antalya also. 

Bering is a great company to work with, all the people there are passionate about yachts, and all know the yacht business. What I like most about working with them, is that we create boats for our customers, and that means each boat becomes an individual.

Bering Yachts:  What’s you favorite Bering yacht and why?

Scott: The Coastal series is probably my favorite range, especially the B70 Tempest. I’d really like one of those for myself!