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New stylish and modern Bering 70 on the water

At the end of January Bering Yachts launched the new model -Bering 70. The hull of this 21 meter yacht is made of steel, while the superstructure, flybridge and hardtop of fiberglass. This model has a long, thin hull shape, which provides extremely low resistance, economy and unsurpassed comfort at all speeds.

Due to her small draft(1,3m)  and low displacement (70 tonnes), she is able not only to cross the ocean at higher speeds, in comparison with other models of Bering, but also to cruise in shallow waters, for example as the Caribbean or among the numerous islands of the Adriatic Sea and etc.

Another feature of the Bering 70 is the abundance of open deck space, a spacious flybridge with an area of ​​35 sq. m. equipped with a barbecue area can be the great place to relax and party, and a spacious cockpit will be a favorite place for chill-pike outdoors.   

The exterior and interiors reflect minimalistic and modern design , expressed in the use of unconventional wood, fabrics, countertops, ceiling panels and flooring.

Bering 70 will be an excellent solution for lovers of long coastal cruising and for those who highly appreciate home feeling comfort.

As every boat builder has a long history, Bering Yachts has models that are popular among our clients and followers. One of these models is the B70. Two of these hulls we launched not that long ago: Ra has been set to sail in 2019 and Levanna – in 2022. Since then, we have been collecting feedback from the owners, and have improved this model by adding features that made B70-family boats larger and better capable for coastal cruises. As we have discontinued building 70-foot models, the improved B78, one of which is currently under construction, became a better replacement for this popular yacht.