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2023 Turkey Earthquake: volunteering for help

A series of earthquakes took place in Türkiye and Syria earlier this month. The aftermath of these disastrous events are thousands of deaths and destruction of the whole cities. Bering Yachts has joined the rescue and humanitarian efforts. Twenty-seven of our staff have immediately gone to the epicenter of the catastrophe in the Hatay region. For five days they were assisting in clearing the debris and supporting the victims at the humanitarian aid centers.

Bering has organized transportation for the company’s volunteers and for all the emergency supplies donated by the staff. The company has also contributed funds for purchase of necessary goods and materials.

We want to believe that our actions have saved lives and provided necessary support to people affected by these terrible events. Bering Yachts and our staff will continue to stand with the people of Türkiye in helping the victims.

2023 Turkey Earthquake: volunteering for help
2023 Turkey Earthquake: volunteering for help

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