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Back to Antalya 

Season One ends with a visit to Monemvasia island and a long trip back to Antalya. Three weeks were spent onboard B92 Papillon, which was going on her maiden voyage. The first trip is expected to reveal some deficiencies or problems that arise only in rough sea conditions, but B92 was almost perfect—no leaks, no breaks. Safe and sound, the Bering Yachts team fully finalizes a long stay onboard this comfortable home-on-the-water.

This leg of the trip allowed Alexei to reminisce on his 20-year journey, which started with him doing commercial fishing in the Okhotsk Sea, owning five steel boats, visiting Monemvasia, and having yet to learn where his life would take him in two decades. The Greek island has changed since Alexei’s last visit. It became more “civilized” with local authorities restoring old fortresses and roads under the close supervision of archeologists. Walking through the empty city, we, once again, patted ourselves on the back for coming here during the winter offseason.

Per Alexei, people in the Mediterranean consider only the summer months as a proper tourist season, which is a mistake: the weather in winter is great; you can even swim in +18 Celsius water (this water might be good for an ice-swimmer Alexei, but Bering ladies objected – and for a good reason!). Monemvasia’s most moving and deep experience was visiting the cave monastery. Twenty years ago, Alexei saw an icon on display there, and he could find it again. The weather did not do justice to the painting, but it was still there. 

Meeting this old icon brought back many memories; however, a long way back home awaited, and Papillon sailed off to meet 6-meter waves. Turkish village Çıralı was the last stop before returning to the homeport of Antalya. Meeting lifelong Alexei friends and comparing vacation onboard a yacht with a regular time off on the shore was a perfect ending to our trip. Just listening to how Alexei talks about how different sea life is, with the ability to travel in your house, stop where you want, visit the locations that would not be otherwise accessible, and other onboard advantages make you want to sign up for Bering Charter program – if you are not ready to build your own Bering.

Home, sweet home. We are sitting at Alexei’s place and talking about travel, lifestyle, and giving back to people. The first season is over, but the journey will continue. We want to take you on a journey to share all the beauty, fun, and local wisdom we experience. Stay with us. This is the way.