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Official Now: NautiGuys just got an upgrade

With great pleasure, Bering Yachts has notified one of our customers about the project name change. Their much-touted B75 just became a B82… over the phone. Alexei Mikhailov called the NautiGuys during the filming of a recent episode and let them know that Bering Yachts has decided to do justice and rename B75 to B82 to reflect the new boat’s gross tonnage better.

You really cannot measure Bering by length; you have got to measure it by GT, and this is exactly what happened. Otherwise, everything else remains the same. The name changed, but the size did not. The boat is still under 24-meter LOA and below 200 gross tons, so it’s still designated “small vessel in commercial use,” and all the same certifications apply. Our captain and owner-to-be will not have to change his license due to the length increase.

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