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Bering’s new Coastal series


The Coastal series combines the trusted seakeeping abilities of the Bering brand with a contemporary appearance in the exterior and interior of each model.

Conceived by Bering Yachts naval architects with design services from SABDES Design, the Coastal series vessels (B70, B70 Tempest, B85, and B105) feature a steel semi-displacement hull and an aluminum superstructure. With the exception of B70 Tempest which is completely made out of aluminum.

                                                    Bering 70 Tempest


                                                       Bering 85


                                                       Bering 105

Other innovative design aspects in the Coastal series include the efficient hull form and  shallow draft, which permit all Coastal models to handle well in the shallow waters of the Caribbean and the Bahamas. These design attributes make these vessels equally ideal for coastal cruising in the Mediterranean.  

Each of the Coastal series models is famous for a distinctive hull shape inspired by a hybrid semi-displacement form pioneered by Bering Yachts’ naval architects. The shape combines the full, rounded sections of a traditional displacement-type hull with unusually broad chine flats, enabling the vessel to plane. This combination of lift and displacement is intended to provide the speed of a planing boat with the flexibility of a more traditional design.

Other trademarks of the Coastal series vessels are fuel efficiency, affordability, low maintenance, and ease of handling by a short-handed crew.

The plumb bow vessels of the Coastal series also feature streamlined styling and large, open deck layouts. The use of large glass panels allows the flow of natural light and unobstructed ocean views from the main deck. Similarly, the interiors reflect a minimalist and contemporary interior design aesthetic expressed through the use of unconventional fabrics and materials typically associated with superyachts.

  • B 65
  • B 70
  • B 72
  • B 77
  • B 80
  • B 85
  • B 92
  • B 95
  • B CAT 32
  • B 106
  • B 117
  • B 130
  • B 145