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Designer Scott Blee comments on the new B70 tempest design

The B70 began as a coastal cruiser design by Bering’s own naval architects. Additional displacement and faster versions were intended from the outset.

SABDES Design was brought in and tasked to further develop the exterior styling.

The hull form developed by Bering was more “dreadnought cruiser” than the company’s traditional Explorer types, so a theme developed from there: The bow has a reverse stem which is similar in style to the commonly termed “axebow.” This lent some direction for her overall exterior styling. An example is seen in the aft edge of the saloon windows; it is the same as the reverse arc seen in the bow.

“The focus from the beginning was for a sleek, low draft and low air-height design,” says Scott Blee of SABDES Yacht Design. “I started playing around with a large curve running in profile from the front of the bridge right to the aft of the sundeck.

“This enhanced the low-profile appearance as the volume diminishes away easily. Also, the curve is a unique feature, making the eye follow it from whichever angle the boat is at,” he adds. “A large forward sundeck and lounge area keep the design well balanced, not heavy weighted toward the front. The whole design reflects the fact that the outside relaxation areas were given equal importance to the inside spaciousness.”

As every boat builder has a long history, Bering Yachts has models that are popular among our clients and followers. One of these models is the B70. Two of these hulls we launched not that long ago: Ra has been set to sail in 2019 and Levanna – in 2022. Since then, we have been collecting feedback from the owners, and have improved this model by adding features that made B70-family boats larger and better capable for coastal cruises. As we have discontinued building 70-foot models, the improved B78, one of which is currently under construction, became a better replacement for this popular yacht.