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Incredible Journey Day 1

Leg1: Kemer-Kekova. Bering 70 crew pays visit to Santa-Claus!

The long awaited journey of the Bering Yachts crew along the Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coasts has finally commenced at midnight July 28th. As it was initially planned, the voyagers covered the first leg Kemer-Kekova at night and therefore had a full day left for discoveries.

The initial idea of this pocket-odyssey was to prove that even with time constraints one can easily set for private expedition. With modern explorer yacht as Bering 70 (in this case) a large family or bunch of friends can have two weeks of fun with easy budget and maximum adventures.

The idea proved success right from the instance. To cover the first 65 miles leg from Kemer to Kekova for Bering 70 took only 7.5 hours with average 7 knots of speed. The boat consumed only 115 litres of fuel and no precious time of the travelers as they had the quietest night underway.

Morning was devoted to some yoga onboard to fix the mind set before visiting the most ancient cites of the Turkish southern coast. As it is well known, the Kekova region was once dwelled by Lycians long before the Turks conquered the land. The main city was Myra that is perfectly restored for visitors. This city is well known as the last stop for St.Paul before his arrival to Rome. What is more astonishing is that Myra believed to be the place where St.Nikholas or Santa-Claus was a bishop for the most part of his life. As St.Nikholas is widely recognized as the patron of sailors, the Bering crew just could not miss this place.

To travel the whole region of Kekova full of historical sites is not easy in one day unless you have a speedy vessel. In that case, the best choice was Hysucat hydrofoiling RIB that easily travels at 40 knots keeping the guests in safety and comfort. With Hysucat, the Bering crew was able to visit several ancient spots on close and remote islands and mainland and managed to have a perfect local dinner to share impressions.

According to the voyage’s schedule, the next leg will connect the ancient Kekova with modern and fancy Fethiye with its turquoise beaches and big city rush and still some historical sites to discover as well.

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