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Incredible Journey Day 2

Leg2: Kekova-Fethiye. Bering 70 crew visits ghost-city

Fethiye and Muğla region deserves a week of exploring indeed but for the Bering crew time is a precious commodity. So modern and ancient, shore based and mountain high locations are to be visited within one day. Here we go again! Bering 70 explorer yacht does the main job while Hysucat hydro foiling RIB guarantees that no tiny bay or inlet will be missed. This is important, as each of the places can be your greatest discovery!

The Bering Yachts’ small expedition is getting into the groove. The Day 2 started again at the beautiful anchorage in the turquoise waters of Ölüdeniz that is world-famous for its Caribbean style beach. Locals complained that Olüdeniz – a magnificent two-kilometre crescent of gently sloping shingle – is too crowded, but Viewed from the sea this small paradise looks even more beautiful as the sunbathing crowds do not hinder your view. In addition, there are many other beaches, quieter and more isolated, if you explore the coastline a while with Hysucat RIB.

During the night, Bering 70 had moved from Kekova Island to Ölüdeniz (55 miles) in less than 7 hours of cruise at 7 knots of speed. It is hard to believe that this trip has taken around 118 liters of fuel for two Cummins QSB-6.7 305 HP powered engines.

Leaving the perfect natural bay was tough call but more discoveries were awaiting further. While the yacht continued its steady progress from Ölüdeniz towards Fethiye, the crew  boarded Hysucat RIB and went to discover some more of the region. The famous Fethiye with its suburbs links history with modern times. Being a vibrant lively city once you leave Fethiye many historical sites are waiting around the corner. Kayaköy is one of the most famous and tells a rather sad story. Once a Lycian city now days Kayaköy was well known as Greek Karmilassos – big city of Orthodox population. In the times of late Ottomans the city faded and now is more like a ghost-village immortalised in Louis de Bernieres’ novel Birds without wings.

As an established tradition, the crew went for dinner in the new place. For this moment is naturally the closest famous city Gocek. Place of some fancy hotels as Rixos, Gocek is away in the deepest part of the inlet and serves as a true quiet hideaway.

After another long day, the crew deserved decent rest but not the yacht. For the Day3 of the journey, Bering 70 has to cover around 120 miles in the night shift. This will be a true endurance test for the yacht and for the whole campaign.

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