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Incredible Journey Day 8

Ayvalik- Çeşme:  quick pit-stop in wonderful harbor

After two days stay in Ayvalik the Bering Yachts expedition continued with the night move to Çeşme. The 75 miles distance was covered by eight hours during the night shift. Now as the travelers are descending from the most northern point of the route, the wind and waves are helping Bering70 to slide easily and smoothly.

The Turkish Aegean coast has very much to offer for a sea explorer. You can easily build round route without duplicating the places. For instance, moving north couple of days before Bering70 crew visited Izmir but missed another ancient city – Çeşme. This time travelling back to the south, the voyagers had a chance to fill such a lacuna.

The most western Turkish city Çeşme used to be a battlefield in many wars but now is famous for its hot springs and resorts. This is the best windsurfing spot in the country. The city is lively with nightlife – Çeşme Castle hosts many music and art festivals, but the travelers were not lucky to taste it. Due to an appointment in Bodrum the crew had to leave the city earlier than planned. The case is worth tying as Bering70 and Hysucat RIB need to be presented for an interested client that made a serious inquiry to inspect the vessels as Bering70 is listed for sale.

This is the right time to present Bering70 as the expeditions’ weapon of choice.

Bering70 is true mid to long-range explorer yacht that goes beyond all cliché with its look and features. First is the color that reflects the concept of the vessel. Steel-hulled yacht with aluminum superstructure is grey (with dark and light shades combination) – a feature that is common in the luxury segment of the modern superyacht design. The exterior lines are sharp and square that gives Bering70 very modern and stylish appearance further developed inside.

At the first impression, the yacht looks much longer of her actual size (21.4 m LOA). This is due to very unusual for this kind of vessels reverse bow. Not only such a bow shape enlarges the water line, it is the wave-piercing weapon, which helps the yacht to move smoothly in rough seas. In addition, this feature enlarges inner spaces below deck. More exterior dynamic is added by different height of the free board. It is lowering from bow to stern separating visually pilothouse from saloon.

Bering70 has three living levels. The upper is the hard-topped flybridge with steering console and sun lounge. Below is the large main saloon with galley extending from the stern open dining area to the pilothouse at the same height.

To compensate the absence of the sun lounge in the stern there is the forward lounge that is hidden perfectly from the sight not to compromise the explorer look of the vessel.

This particular Bering70 has three luxury ensuite double cabins below with master cabin to the forward with separate entrance. On the port side there is twin crew cabin with separate WC.

The comfort level of Bering70 is outstanding. Due to the steel-made hull the noise level from the double Cummings QSB6.7 engines or coming waves is the lowest in the class. Seakeeper stabilizer helps to minimize the roll while under way – there’s no need to constantly fix personal belongings.

Interior (as well as exterior look) is created by Bering Yachts inhouse studio. Bering70 is semi-custom boat where not only interior fabrics and materials can be preselected but the whole space can be customized for any client’s need. The steel-hulled vessel gives unhindered freedom in the inner space configuration.

For an explorer vessel autonomy is essential. Bering70 has almost 4800 l fuel tank that is hardly the biggest volume for a boat of comparable size but more than enough for weeks of travelling. For instance, in the present voyage the vessel already travelled almost 600 miles and have 4/5 of the tank left.

Generally, at the average 7-8 knots of speed Bering70 can go 2500+ miles.  The fresh water is provided by watermaker from saltwater. For cooking and personal use, Bering70 has 930 l water tank.

In tandem with Hysucat RIB travelling with Bering70 is even more fun. Such a powerful tender helps to highlight the trip with more impressions from discovering the shore line while yacht is still motoring or resting on anchorage. Such a RIB accommodates the whole crew so all can share the same experience altogether.