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Final day in Kekova

South Turkey

Bodrum – Göcek – Kekova: BeringYachts odyssey returns to where it started

It is always astonishing to acknowledge how time flies. Feels like the Bering Yachts crew has started its little journey several days ago but in reality, it was almost two weeks and 1000 miles behind the transom. Set out from Kemer on July 28, Bering70 arrived in Kekova on July 10 – the place that was the first stop from Kemer.

Ironically, the Bering Yachts’ “pocket odyssey” turned to be a perfect roadshow. On the first week Bering70 accompanied by Hysucat RIB has explored the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts from Kekova up to Ayvalyk but the return trip was fully devoted to business meetings. Once Bering70 has visited some busiest summer yacht locations, the grey-hulled yacht became well recognizable and several inquiries were received for a sea trial of Bering70 and Hysucat hydrofoiling RIB.

The meetings were scheduled in Bodrum and Göcek where the crew had to spend several days welcoming guests on board Bering70 and blasting around in Hysucat at some mind-blowing speeds.

Leaving Göcek the crew decided to spend the last evening in Kekova bay. After visiting ten cities in two weeks it really worth slowing down a bit… To discuss ideas of the next expedition with Bering Yachts!