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Fast explorer yachts by Bering Yacht


Growing demand for explorer yachts has been the topic of interest trending for the past 5 years. This is mainly because such yachts have privacy tools that are selected to assist for exploration which satisfies the tremendous demand for massive circles of travel. And because of this, even more ideas are spawned by travelers to make every voyage they travel on a special one. They can even make it more special when they choose Bering Yachts to give them the vessel of their dreams.


In order to explore different parts of the world, you need to rely on a vessel that possesses certain features. And choosing to have a robust hull is an excellent starting point when looking into yachts. This is where Lloyd’s-certified AH36 marine-grade structural steel comes in.

Compared to aluminum yachts, which are very common for most yachts, explorer yachts have to rely on steel hulls to resist deformation and abrasion. Such a factor is what is heavily relied on by those who intend on traveling for exploration purposes. Moreover, steel hulls are far more durable, easier to maintain, and even more cost-effective. And they’re even fire-resistant – a trait that aluminum and fiberglass yachts don’t possess.

All of a steel hull’s benefits and advantages are utilized most once they enter rough seas. If an aluminum, or carbon and fiberglass hull were to enter rough seas, they would produce loud noises as waves slam into the yacht. Whereas steel hulls don’t face such problems, making them more suitable for guests to rest easy at night in their fancy suites as the vessel travels to its destination.


Depending on certain factors, the average explorer’s cruising speed is 8-12 knots. But with our vessel, and with the right additions, you can expect to reach top speeds with no hassle whatsoever. And although certain accessories or aspects may not seem eye-catching once installed on your explorer yacht, there are some advantages to there placement on your vessel. First, there is the hull shape which offers full-displacement in rough waters. Second, there is the weigh-to-engine power and fuel consumption ratio. And when you’re choosing your yacht, you may want to choose one with a mid=10 knots speed as these are the most fuel-efficient and can provide the longest possible trips ranging from 3000-6000 miles. Just to give you an idea of how long that can be, it’d be like taking a voyage from the Canary Islands all the way to the Caribbean, or even further with just one full tank!


When it comes to the interior, the comfort of exploration vessels’ designs have come a long way. Nowadays, explorers can become the most luxurious of yachts. And when you choose Bering Yachts to assist in design, there are countless possibilities to pick from. When going for volume, its presence provided by a full-displacement hull is unequal to any other vessel’s speed.

When you’re embarking on a long trip you can take just about anything with you to keep yourself comfortable and entertained, even in the wildest of hideaways. You could even enjoy a nice glass of champagne as your vessel is traveling at 20 knots, all the while relaxing on a comfortable chair or dining at a table.


When you choose Bering yachts for your vessel of choice, you can even add a Bering Marine boat onto your deck for further exploration away from your yacht.

Bering Marine boats are widely used by many boat enthusiasts for quick and easy shore reach as they’re traveling on their yachts. If you’re interested in learning more about this company and their boats, then click HERE.

These BM boats on your vessel make an excellent addition that will further improve your exploration experience. If say, for instance, your yacht is far away from a shore that you wish to travel to, you could simply use your BM boats to reach it as your yacht is anchored in position.

At Bering Уachts, we’ve even tested out this scenario using our Bering 70 to make a trip from Antalya to Cyprus  – a distance of 420 km that was made within 26 hours. When Cyprus lands could be seen from the Bering 70, we’ve moved some of our passengers onto the Bering Marine boat 28 to reach shores. With the BM boat, we were able to reach land in an hour while the Bering 70 was still traveling for five hours more to reach the same destination.

Bering Marine models are, indeed, impressive. And when you order yours, you can have one installed with two 140 HP engines to reach a max cruising speed of around 25-35 knots. The addition of these engines also provides excellent fuel efficiency and can even provide travel of up to 250 miles with one full tank.


Our explorer yachts can give you total freedom with unlimited travel potential when you’re out on the water. Moreover, these vessels are offered with top-of-the-line safety and luxurious comfort at affordable rates that you can’t find anywhere else. When you decide to look into the market for the purchase of an exceptional explorer yacht, you won’t find any other better deals than at Bering Yachts. For any inquiries, you may visit our contact page.