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Fast VS. slow: Winning the race with Bering Yachts & Bering Marine

An ancient Greek storyteller Aesop wrote a fable titled “The Tortoise and the Hare” in the 6th century BCE. The tale’s takeaway advises that slow, steady progress wins the race over short bursts of speed.

Boats can be tortoises. They can also be hares. It does not, however, have to be an either/or situation.

Bering Yachts has written its own version of Aesop’s fable. In our story, it is the combination of slow, steady progress combined with bursts of speed that wins the race. The race we refer to is your personal race. It is the race you have with yourself and your schedule. Not focused on speed, but your own itinerary, using resources of speed, fuel, and time wisely for your ultimate satisfaction.

Did you know that a slower yacht may actually get you to your destination faster and in greater comfort, with more memorable stops on your itinerary than a faster yacht? The secret lies in a combination of strength and speed: a Bering steel hull yacht is equipped with a Bering Marine hydrofoil-supported catamaran. The strength of steel. The speed of hydrofoils and air tunnels on a catamaran. Consider the details.

Durability and Safety are Interlinked

On a lightweight, 70/100-foot fiberglass cruising yacht, it is common to see spec sheets boasting speeds of 20, 30, or even 40 knots. Admittedly impressive, other considerations may give thoughtful captains pause. What damage might be inflicted to a GRP yacht hitting a shipping container, an oil drum, a coral reef, or other debris at that speed? Not a pleasant thought. Know that the sturdy steel hull of a Bering yacht is a proven survivor should it meet with such challenges, enabling you to maintain your itinerary while protecting precious cargo on board.

Passenger Comfort Matters

How comfortable is the passenger ride in a GRP yacht at high speeds? Is it a smooth ride or one that rocks and rolls with waves and swells, tossing things about even with active stabilizers? Can passengers sit and enjoy a meal or a cocktail on an outdoor deck without a sea shower? More importantly, can they hold a conversation above the noise created by the engines and the superstructure’s vibration?

On our Bering luxury explorer yachts, the ride is pleasantly smooth due to the hull’s weight and its design. Full displacement yachts like Bering are highly comfortable for sleeping, dining, or relaxing. Passenger comfort is essential, and at Bering Yachts, we keep this in mind with every yacht we create. Our vessels are also remarkably quiet in comparison, with a hushed 50 dB noise level allowing civilized conversation on any outdoor deck underway. That is comparable to the sound of moderate rainfall. Looking for a comfortable yacht with a smooth ride? Look no further than Bering Yachts.

Range May Prove an Issue

At higher speeds, what kind of range can lightweight yachts achieve? What puts Bering Yachts apart from the competition is the second-to-none yacht fuel economy our comfort yachts offer. Sporting smaller tanks that consume fuel at astonishing rates is not an appealing feature for crossing oceans or heading out to remote locations. Even if you are hopping along the coast, time spent securing and stopping for refueling could be a concern.

Most of our steel-hulled yachts have an extraordinary range (3000-9000 nautical miles) and substantial fuel storage.

Interior Volume

Popular yacht profiles with sweeping, low-volume interior space designs on faster yachts often present a chic line that looks gorgeous from the outside, but interiors often tell another story. Low ceiling heights, odd angles, and tight spaces are not comfortably livable over the days of a long journey.

High volume spaces onboard our Bering luxury explorer yachts allow installation of normal, home-sized appliances, real storage space, and high ceiling clearances of 7’2”. That translates to a home-away-from-home feel onboard, with room to breathe and enjoy your voyage.

… But I’m in a Hurry and Need a Faster Yacht

Yes, the higher speeds do seem attractive but consider that high-speed GRP yachts typically run only during daylight hours. Additionally, after several hours onboard a fast vessel, most passengers welcome the opportunity to take a break from a noisier, bumpier, less spacious environment.

Consider the 12-knot cruising speed of one of the Bering. This sturdy, steel-hulled yacht can run at that speed all day, every day, slowly and steadily making way along your itinerary. That equals 288 nautical miles per day, over 2,000 miles per week, on a smooth, comfortable, spacious, quiet yacht. That is incredibly fast for a luxury yacht.

When your need for speed surfaces and you want to go day-tripping onshore to various locations or just speed on ahead to a destination, we have a fix for that.


An incredibly versatile RIB tender, the Hydrofoil supported catamarans is fast, smooth, quiet, and comfortable. Bering Marine offers a fast, inflatable boat. Rising up on hydrofoils, this fabulous craft keeps passengers dry while smoothing waves and chop. Bering Marine’s usage of Hydrofoils is what makes the vessels so unique. It can handle 6-foot seas at 40 knots, sips fuel at four nautical miles to the gallon, and can cover 5-6 times the distance of a fast yacht in short order. You can skip in and out of ports, around islands, or just let off steam with the throttle full out, taking in much more than a fast yacht allows. Travel fast on a slow boat with hydrofoil supported catamarans from Bering Marine 

The advantages of this combination make it a smart, efficient choice over a fast, primary yacht. Discover the true luxury of ocean travel, enjoying the best of both the fast and the slow, winning your own race to experience more in less time, in greater luxury. Where will your race take you?