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Finding the right model of yacht for your needs

When deciding to purchase a yacht, it’s important to be aware of the different yacht models there are. Yacht salespeople will try to sell you the flashiest, most expensive boat available, even if it doesn’t really suit your needs. It’s important to know the type of boating you plan on doing before you ever make any sort of purchase. With so many different brands, models, and sizes, it can become overwhelming relatively quickly. Finding the right yacht isn’t difficult once you know a little bit about every type of model available before you start shopping.


  • Trawler Yacht
  • Steel Hulled Yacht
  • Expedition Yachts


The Trawler yacht models are ideal for the boater who likes to just sit back and enjoy the ocean breeze at their own pace. Trawlers were designed to cruise between 10-15 miles per hour, so they’re ideal for an easy-going fishing trip on the weekend. Trawler yachts are also equipped with large fuel tanks, which gives them a range of anywhere between 1,500 and 3,000 miles, so voyagers can travel from New York to Miami and back without ever having to refuel. If you’re looking for a yacht model that will give you a way to forget about work and enter complete relaxation mode, then a Trawler yacht is the way to go.


Steel Hulled Yachts are excellent yacht models due to their ability to cross oceans without ever needing to refuel. Steel-hulled yachts are extremely sturdy and capable of long-distance trips, making them perfect for yacht charters or family getaways. You can leave the real world behind in a steel hulled yacht and embrace the freedom of going wherever the heart desires. A steel-hulled yacht is able to handle whatever gets thrown its way on its long journey. They’re typically very large and provide sleeping and cooking arrangements for everyone onboard, making for a very comfortable trip everytime you’re onboard.


The expedition yacht is ideal for the person interested in traveling the world and leaving the world behind them. An expedition yacht is capable of handling any situation, whether it be the frozen waters of the Southern Ocean or the storms of the Gulf of Mexico. They’re extremely hefty boats, capable of holding a large number of passengers on board throughout its multiple levels. Expedition yachts are fantastic for entertaining guests thanks to their large sky decks, wet bars, entertainment centers, jacuzzi, and more. If you’re inquiring about yachts sales and looking for the ultimate getaway, an expedition yacht is certainly the choice for you.

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