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Top 5 places to visit by yacht

Traveling aboard a yacht is a great way to travel. Steel hull Yachts are greatly engineered yachts that make for a seaworthy vessel. Bering Yachts has a vast selection of Steel Hull Yachts. This kind of Yacht has prestigious features such as maximum strength, luxury models, and sturdiness. Traveling on a Steel hull yacht or other Bering Yacht vessels will make for a great trip. Visiting a destination by yacht will allow passengers to enjoy traveling on a body of water and to be immersed in nature.


  • Oxford, Maryland
  • Long Island, New York
  • The Florida Keys
  • Hampton, Virginia
  • Seattle, Washington


Oxford Maryland is a serene town that has caught the attention of boaters for centuries. Founded in 1683, this town was officially established by the Maryland General Assembly. Prior to the American Revolution, this town was used as an international shipping center and filled with tobacco plantations. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Oxford was once used as a major seaport. Today this port is used as a boatyard which is where boats are built, repaired, and stored. While sailing down past Bachelor Point, visitors will be able to view beaches along the main street and view Oxford in the distance. Bachelor Point Yacht Company offers a full-service yard and marina and is in a peaceful location. Travelers should expect little tourist attractions and instead enjoy a small quiet town in order to relax. Water activities and great local restaurants fill oxford with great local entertainment.


This 20-mile wide destination is surrounded by water calm bays and inlets. For travelers who want to escape the bustle of New York City, this is the perfect destination to visit by yacht. Boaters need to educate themselves on the navigational requirements on Long Island’s waterways before departure. This also requires people to check with local marinas and dockage facilities to found out about availability, size accommodations, and docking fees. For boaters who are interested in maritime history, Cold Spring Harbor is the area to visit. This area is home to the Whaling Museum Education Center and the Fish Hatchery and Aquarium. This town also consists of boutique shops and highly regarded restaurants.


This string of Islands stretches for more than 125 miles. The Florida Keys is one of Florida’s greatest boating destinations and has an abundance of opportunities for boaters. Boaters will be treated to world famous sunsets, tropical beaches snorkeling, and scuba diving sites. Dry Tortugas National Park can be reached by yacht. Sites to visit include Tortugas National Park and Fort Jefferson. The park is known for its soft powdery sand beaches and clear blue waters. Guests can also view large passenger cruise ships from the ocean heading to the Caribbean.


Hampton Virginia is a great place to visit by yacht. This area offers miles of shorelines and waters such as tranquil ponds and estuaries. There are plenty of opportunities for fishing and other water activities in Hampton, Virginia. Storing a yacht will be stress-free. Hampton Virginia offers a safe harbor to store yachts and other sized boats as visitors explore the town. Visitors can enjoy activities around town such as beaches, parks, and events.


Venturing out to Seattle, Washington on a yacht will be a great trip. No, humidity, cool temperatures and an extended boating season make Seattle a great destination. There are many advantages to visiting Seattle by yacht. A diverse culture a great art and music scene allow Seattle to be one of the best yachting towns. Visitors should cruise Lake Union and will have great views of the Space Needle, Gas Works Park, and St. Mark’s Cathedral.

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