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How we engineer steel hull yachts

Engineering yachts are no easy task and it should be constructed with great care. There are many factors that go into constructing the perfect yachts. They need to be made out of the best materials, handle the open sea, and engineered to be efficient below and above deck. Aside from the overall safety of the vessel, the interior of the yacht needs to be made to accommodate the crew. The shipbuilders at Bering Yachts pride themselves on building the best yachts the world has to offer. Here is how Bering Yachts engineers the best yachts in the world.


The roots of Bering Yachts design and construction approach are inspired by North Sea commercial ships. These vessels are built to the highly-regarded Scandinavian naval architectural standards. This means that these ships are able to withstand the severe storms and icy conditions. By modeling yacht construction after North Sea commercial vessels, the ships built by Bering Yachts are able to handle any conditions out in the open sea.


The yachts engineered at Bering Yachts are designed for extended voyages on the open water. When setting sail on the open sea, it’s important to have a vessel that can handle the demanding conditions the ocean has to offer. This is why Bering Yachts builds with steel for their ships. Steel provides the strongest ratio of benefits of all available shipbuilding materials:

  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Ease of design and customization
  • Fire resistance
  • Ease of maintenance and repair
  • Abrasion resistance


Steel’s strength properties have made it the overwhelming choice for building commercial and military ships on the globe. Steel ships have a longstanding history of taking severe punishment. Despite taking abuse from breaking ice, rocky shoals, reefs, and storms, steel retains both hull and watertight integrity. Steel yachts have safely protected their crews through some of the most extreme and challenging situations weather imaginable.


Yachts constructed by Bering are engineered for safety as it uses rugged commercial-grade equipment and fittings aboard. The engineering team at Bering uses the best parts available. The internal mechanical components such as duty pumps and motors are sourced internationally. Cummins Marine diesel engines are typically installed because of their dependability and performance. Bering Yachts are also equipped with twice the needed life-raft capacity and are built to CE Ocean A standards. What this means is that the yachts are engineered dependable and with safety in mind.


A yacht constructed from steel offers several key benefits when in need of repair. The majority of the globe uses steel when constructing ships. This makes it easy to repair a yacht anywhere in the world. Welders can provide a reliable patch to get the ship seaworthy. Steel vessels increase the likelihood that a simple repair can be easily performed because it is a commonly used material.

For individuals looking to have a yacht constructed, look no further than Bering Yachts. The shipbuilding professionals at Bering Yachts are passionate about engineering yachts. They take pride in constructing one of the world’s best sea vessels created.