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Bering 65 “Namaste”, Venezuela

The customer of new Bering 65 is an experienced seaman with years of experience, both, as a Navy Officer and later as first officer on board big ships in the Merchant Marine.

He purchased his Bering 65 Expedition series in 2012 after an exhaustive search of all similar options, looking for a boat which could navigate open ocean routes, rather than coastal weekend short cruises.

The owner undertook the delivery personally cruising his new Bering 65 over 10,000 nautical miles and completing over 2000 hours cruising since that time. His route took him from Hong Kong to Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand (Phuket), Indonesia (Bali and many Islands on the Java Sea and the Sea of Flores), to then cross to Darwin in Australia from Timor. He went all the way to the East from Darwin, crossing the Arafura Sea and the famous Gulf of Carpentaria to later cross the Torres Strait to enter the Great Barrier Reef stopping in Cairns on his way to the Gold Coast. From there in did all the way back to the Kimberly in North Western Australia on his route back to Singapore, for a period of over 2 years.

Bering 65 “Namaste” encountered rough waters on many occasions having proven she is a vessel designed to cruise for long periods regardless. 3, 4 and 5 meters waves became usual on many occasions. Safety was never compromised.

“I chose Bering because I was looking for a steel boat capable of crossing the ocean. The yacht has proven to be excellent. I have been feeling safe since Namaste’s maiden voyage. She is quiet, strong and leaves a graceful wake underway. My future cruising plans include the Caribbean and crossing the Panama Canal and then cruising the West Coast of Central America and the USA up to Alaska. My Bering is not just a yacht, it is a lifestyle. Many thanks to all the team at Bering Yachts.”