Bering Yachts News

Moscow Boat Show 5-9.03.2020

Bering 60 is the Winner at the Moscow Boat Show

Drawn to the lure of bluewater adventure via semi-custom steel and aluminum construction, countless clients visited the Bering Yachts booth placed in the Moscow Boat Show at Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center March 5 to 9, 2020.

Models of the Bering 130, Bering 106, and Bering 60 gave customers a view of the liveaboard experience and an understanding of the benefits of steel yachts for safety, durability, and comfort.

“We are grateful to our Moscow Boat Show clients for their interest and their ability to explain what qualities they seek in yacht construction,” said Bering Russia representative Vladimir Maslovsky. “Based on their feedback at the show we plan to upgrade the Bering 60 and retain it in our model line with upgrades in style, amenities, and materials.”

Vladimir Maslovsky and sales and marketing manager Elena Kanburoglu were on duty at the Bering booth. This was the second year Bering was onsite at the show. The event bills itself as offering something for “everybody who enjoys life at sea – boat owners, boat enthusiasts, families, fishermen, water lovers, and beginners.” Bering participated alongside companies including Prestige Yachts, Smart Yachts, Ultraboats, Velvette Marine, West Nautical, Mercury, M-Power, and Harman.

The Moscow Boat show is also a forum where buyers and sellers meet under one roof to conduct business and enhance industry knowledge.  It showcases innovative technology and advanced shipbuilding systems.


  • B65
    LOA 65' (19.78 m)
    Displacement 107 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • B72
    LOA 72` (21.88 m)
    Displacement 118 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • B77
    LOA 77'2" (23.50 m)
    Displacement 165 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • B80
    LOA 81'3" (24.78 m)
    Displacement 220 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • B95
    LOA 95'0" (28.96 m)
    Displacement 250 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • B130
    LOA 132' (40.20 m)
    Displacement 479 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • B180
    LOA 55 m (180')
    Displacement 550 mT
    Range 4,500+ nautical miles
  • B145
    LOA 44.20 m (145')
    Displacement 514 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles


  • B70
    LOA 70'3" (21.44 m)
    Displacement 70 mT
    Range 2,500 + nautical miles
  • B85
    LOA 84'9"(25.90 m)
    Displacement 160 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • B92
    LOA 29.08 m
    Displacement 210 mT
    Range 3,500 + nautical miles
  • B107
    LOA 32.54 m
    Displacement 246 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • B117
    LOA 36.54 m
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles