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Tips For Purchasing Your First Yacht

So you’re in the market to purchase a Yacht. This is an excellent decision for anybody who has the travel bug and wants to see the world from the sea. There are a number of things you should consider before you purchase a yacht. In this post from the Bering Yachts blog, we’ll give you some tips regarding the best way to go about purchasing a yacht. These tips will allow you to make an educated decision regarding your Yacht purchase.

Decide On A Type Of Boat

If you know you want to purchase a yacht, it may be overwhelming trying to decide on a specific vessel. The most important part of deciding on a type of Yacht is considering what you’d like to do with this boat. Do you want to use it for short trips? Or do you plan on traveling the world in your yacht? For short trips, any kind of yacht will do. But for those that want to travel the world, there are some considerations you have to make. What is the range of the vessel before needing to be refueled? The Bering 50 is a great choice for a boat that you plan to use to travel with friends and family. It can go over 3000 miles without being refueled, and can comfortably sleep 6.

Consider What Equipment You Want Your Yacht To Have

This is another important factor in the Yacht purchasing process. What exactly do you want your boat to have? A full kitchen? Multiple bathrooms? Central Air? These are all great things to consider before purchasing a yacht. If you plan on using your yacht for long excursions, all of these pieces of equipment are critical. In many cases, Yacht makers will work with you to ensure that your yacht is exactly what you’re looking for. At Bering Yachts, we work directly with purchasers to ensure the yacht they purchase meets all of their needs.

Set A Budget And Stay Within Its Limitations

Setting a budget is a critical part of purchasing a Yacht. Without knowing what you’d like to spend, you may end up getting swindled by a shady salesperson. At Bering Yachts, we always keep your budget in consideration. We work with purchasers to ensure that everything they want out of a yacht is provided within their budget.

Consider A Bering Yacht When It’s Time To Buy

Bering Yachts is one of the world’s leading yacht manufacturers. Want to learn more about our vessels, pricing, or anything else? Give us a call at  (919) 523-4265 or contact us online.



  • LOA 95 4"(29.08 m)
    Displacement 210 mT
    Range 3,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 100'3" (30.6 m)
    Displacement 250 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 32.54 m
    Displacement 246 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 117 2" (35.42 m)
    Displacement 318 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 134' (40.86 m)
    Displacement 479 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 44.20 m (145')
    Displacement 514 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 55 m (180')
    Displacement 550 mT
    Range 4,500+ nautical miles


  • LOA 65' (19.78 m)
    Displacement 107 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 73'6" (22.43 m)
    Displacement 70 mT
    Range 2,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 72` (21.88 m)
    Displacement 118 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'2" (25.97 m)
    Displacement 165 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'9" (26.2 m)
    Displacement 220 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 84'9"(25.90 m)
    Displacement 160 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles