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Why A Bering Expedition Yacht Is Perfect For You

Much like buying a car or a home, finding the perfect yacht can be so difficult. There are so many options available, and they all tend to vary based on size, pre-installed amenities, fuel range, type of usage, etc. It can be just as difficult for the first time buyer for someone that has been through several boats. Thankfully, Bering Yachts makes the choice simpler thanks to our Expedition yacht series. We pride ourself on our flagship series, featuring world-class yachts such as the Bering 95 and Bering 130. You’ll find that our Expedition yachts tend to separate themselves from all other yachts out there.

Embark on a Transoceanic Voyage

One of the vital elements which separate our Expedition yachts from any other boat out there is their unrivaled range. Our yachts are capable of storing from as little as 7,000 gallons of fuel to as much as 17,000 gallons. This allows them to traverse upwards of 6,000 nautical miles without ever having to refuel. You’re able to traverse both the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans without having to stop overnight, respectively. With an Expedition yacht from Bering Yachts, you’re able to kick back and relax as you cruise towards your destination.

Fully Customizable Amenities

Many other yacht designers may limit you from the choices you have on your boat, but not Bering Yachts. We’ve provided full customization options to every single Bering Yachts owner. You’re able to completely outfit your Expedition yacht exactly how you see fit. Our designers work closely with every client to create the ship of their dreams. Whether you need additional beds, wet bar, landing pad, jacuzzi, or anything else to make your journey onboard an Expedition yacht more comfortable, we can most certainly make it happen.

Cruise Upon The Most Luxurious Expedition Yacht

All other Expedition yachts on the planet pale in comparison to the true luxurious nature that is Bering Yachts line of Expedition yachts. We pride ourselves on designing truly world-class vessels. The Bering 77, Bering 95, Bering 115, and Bering 130 are all created with the intention of getting its passengers whenever they desire while still providing an absolutely remarkable journey. If you’re traveling alone or with friends and family, you’ll find that Expedition yachts have the capabilities to make your journey a comfortable one.

The Bering Yachts Expedition Yacht is quite possibly one of the greatest ship lines currently available to the public. If you’re interested in learning more about our Expedition yachts, contact us today by calling us at +1 (919) 523-4265.


  • LOA 95 4"(29.08 m)
    Displacement 210 mT
    Range 3,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 100'3" (30.6 m)
    Displacement 250 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 32.54 m
    Displacement 246 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 117 2" (35.42 m)
    Displacement 318 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 134' (40.86 m)
    Displacement 479 mT
    Range 6,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 44.20 m (145')
    Displacement 514 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 55 m (180')
    Displacement 550 mT
    Range 4,500+ nautical miles


  • LOA 65' (19.78 m)
    Displacement 107 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 73'6" (22.43 m)
    Displacement 70 mT
    Range 2,500 + nautical miles
  • LOA 72` (21.88 m)
    Displacement 118 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'2" (25.97 m)
    Displacement 165 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 85'9" (26.2 m)
    Displacement 220 mT
    Range 5,000 + nautical miles
  • LOA 84'9"(25.90 m)
    Displacement 160 mT
    Range 4,000 + nautical miles