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Why a coastal yacht is perfect for you

Finding the perfect yacht can be incredibly difficult. Things like size, amenities, range, and so much more become extremely important factors when buying. Yachts are typically broken down into several classes such as Expedition, Explorer, Voyager, and Coastal yachts. As opposed to Expedition yachts which can explore the far reaches of the ocean, a coastal yacht is designed with a smaller fuel tank as they’re meant to be weekend vessels cruising along the coast rather than embark on a voyage across the Pacific ocean. Coastal yachts typically have a large range of amenities intended for housing several guests while onboard, making them great for events or parties. If you’ve been searching for the perfect yacht, then the Coastal yacht is perfect for you.


It’s very important to know what to look for when searching for the right Coastal yacht. The draft or distance the bottom of the yacht sinks into the water is very short so there is less risk of running aground in shallow waters. This makes Coastal yachts great for cruising near the coast, as they don’t have to worry about running aground.

The many benefits of being at sea can also be experienced with a coastal yacht with minimal investment into those expeditions. Owners can anchor slightly off-shore to enjoy the sea breeze and tranquility while not being too far from civilization. This is perfect for hosting parties or just enjoying some alone time.


Yachts are often commissioned as semi-custom purchases. This means that getting the perfect fit for one’s needs involves requesting features rather than browsing for a complete bundle. If extra maneuverability is needed in coastal areas, an extra rotor can be added to the yacht. The designers will work closely with the client to find the style they want for the interiors or the configuration of the furnishings. By the time your Coastal yacht is finished being created, it will be a one of a kind vessel designed just for you.

If you’re looking for the best Coastal yachts available, then make sure it’s a Bering Yacht. Our ships take influence from highly regarded Scandinavian naval architecture, so your ship is bound to turn heads wherever it may go. Bering Yachts proudly offers a wide portfolio of semi-custom yachts designed with you in mind. You’ll cruise in luxury no matter if you’re anchored off the coast of Key West or traversing the islands of the South Pacific.

Besides the Coastal variants, we also offer Explorer, Voyager, and Expedition styles to match any sailing preferences. Contact us today to learn more about how a Coastal yacht or any other yacht type from Bering Yachts can take your sailing experience to the next level.