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Bering Life – the true taste of our lifestyle, from Antalya to Rhodеs

Our founder Alexei Mikhailov was once looking for a perfect yacht and could not find it on the market, so he started a new boatbuilding company.  Bering Yachts is not only about advanced technology and impeccable marine engineering. We have a life-long philosophy – living to the fullest and finding our answers. We are about exploring; we are about passion. This passion led to the creation of Bering Life – a new channel featuring beautiful locations, great people, exciting adventures, and long footage of Bering’s yachts. 

This way can share our vision, introduce and explain why we build our boats, and make them the way they are. Brave the harshest conditions, feel safe in the uncalm seas, and reach the most difficult-to-access destinations – do all of this and follow it with the most relaxing and laid-back time possible. We show you the way and give you the opportunity to do so through the Bering Life videos. 

Our inaugural episode covers a Mediterranean trip from Antalya, Türkiye to Monemvasia, Greece onboard B92 Papillon. Bering Yachts team sails from Antalya to Alanya, coming by the ancient Mamure castle, returning to Kekova, walking the old city of Theimussa, St. Nicholas Church, and a Myra Theatre. Alexei serves as a guide to his guests, sharing his deep knowledge, wisdom, and love for history and for the lands he visits. To truly love the sea, you have to be passionate about the land. 

The second leg of this trip takes us from Kekova to the Greek island of Rhodes. Here we meet with the 2,400-year history of countries, nations, religions – and families of simple fishermen. We walk the streets of Rhodes and Lindos, going from the ancient quarters to very old, just old, and relatively modern buildings. The owner of a centuries-old family-owned olive garden in Apollona teaches how to harvest olives. Our travel takes us to St. Paul Bay, where Apostle Paul has landed, to the Parsonisi beach, located between the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean, and to a St. Panteleimon Church, where an Orthodox priest blesses the Bering Life endeavor. With amusement, Alexei talks about the people who are his antipodes – who choose to stay on Rhodes for generations with no intentions of visiting other countries or continents.

Excellent local foods, great people, amazing cultures – more videos will be coming from different parts of the world and featuring other Bering vessels giving you first-hand experience of our lifestyle. We are inviting you to join us for this long voyage of discovery and fun!