Super yachts (>24M)

The Bering line of Expedition yachts includes 3 models:

All these yachts are built to provide power, safety, and comfort. Each vessel remains stable, even in the roughest seas, and is designed to be your luxurious “home away from home.”

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Ocean Going Yacht Manufacturers

Due to the immense size of yachts, they are able to travel through open waters at incredible distances, especially on travels when they are traversing through an entire ocean. It is for this reason that if you are looking to take on incredible journeys, you should only choose the absolute best ocean-going yacht manufacturers. And when you want the best, look no further than Bering Yachts. At our fine establishment, we take the time to not only craft the perfect vessels but also craft them based on your needs.
Yachts are able to travel through expansive oceans because ocean-going yacht manufacturers design them to perform such feats. Yachts are big vessels, granting space for large engines. Due to this, they carry a lot of power that can excel a yacht to high speeds. Moreover, because of their big size, yachts are also able to hold a lot of fuel, allowing them to also cover a wide distance without the need to refuel for some time. But the main reason ocean-going manufacturers are able to design vessels capable of traveling at great distances is that they are large enough to hold an operating crew.
At Bering Yachts, our ocean-going yacht manufacturers design our models to be spacious, allowing a certain amount of passengers to occupy the vessels. Thanks to this, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that you can have a full crew ready at hand to operate your yacht, guaranteeing smooth sailing on all voyages that you take.

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